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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County’s District Attorney says a shooting that killed the suspect accused of shooting a New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy last month was a reasonable use of deadly force. District Attorney Ben David said the officers were “absolutely justified in taking Brandon Smith’s life.”

Smith was shot and killed in northern New Hanover County Oct. 13 three days after investigators say he shot NHSO Det. Michael Spencer in Creekwood.

Investigators say Smith was shot and killed after three officers, two from the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office and one from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), confronted him when he ran into woods off Fulbright Drive after a car pursuit. The pursuit began after a deputy spotted Smith in a car on Princess Place Drive.

District Attorney Ben David said the officers fired 24 shots in no more than three seconds. Nine shots hit Smith, three shots grazed him and 12 shots missed, David said.

Click here to read the DA’s news release and summary of events (PDF file)

The investigation found that officers fired at Smith after finding him laying on his side in the woods and repeatedly telling him to show them his hands. According to the investigation, Smith never responded and appeared to try to pull something out of his pants. After officers again told him to show them his hands, they said Smith appeared to finally get what he was looking for and pointed it at officers. That’s when they fired at him.

Investigators say they did not find a gun on Smith, but did find a cell phone near his hand. They also found a dreadlock wig Smith had when he first entered the woods. Smith also had $330 on him. The man who was driving Smith later told investigators that just before the incident, Smith had shown him a gun in his waistband as they drove on Blue Clay Road. Law enforcement has not been able to find that weapon.

“Officers do not need to be shot upon before they have the legal justification to use lethal force,” David said.

Investigators say Smith shot Spencer Oct. 10 after the detective and a WPD officer he was with approached him and asked to speak with him in Creekwood. They say after Smith, who was carrying a bag, refused to talk with them, he ducked behind a trash can, pulled out a gun and shot at them hitting Spencer. He then ran off.

The WPD officer identified Smith as the suspect the next day. Investigators say they tried to contact Smith through known associates, but that multiple sources told them Smith had made it clear following the shooting of Det. Spencer that he had no intention of giving himself up or going to back prison.

Investigators say Smith was the suspect in multiple home invasions in the area involving guns, including one in which the victim said he put a gun in her face and pulled the trigger, but the gun malfunctioned. They say Smith’s wife also had a protective order against him for assault.

“When you live a certain lifestyle, and when you make certain choices, there will be consequences,” Sheriff Ed McMahon said.

As for the officers involved in the shooting, ATF Special Agent Chad Nesbitt is back on duty. The two deputies, Det. E.K. Edwards and Det. J.L. Jewell, will return to duty next week, Sheriff Ed McMahon said. McMahon said Det. Spencer is out of the hospital and doing well.


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  • Whocares

    LOL. I’m sure the detective deserved it. They should of handled it in court not shooting him in public. WOW. You people really think NHSD is on your side…just wait till they hurt your loved ones.

  • Guest2020

    The people that black people have to worry about the most in Wilmington are other black people. The police were justified in this shooting. I suppose it would suit you better if they had taken a chance that he wasn’t holding a gun and then got killed themselves. They had a split section to make a decision. The suspect was not complying with their lawful commands. All he had to do was to put his hands out like he was told and they wouldn’t have shot him. You are crazy if you think that police go around shooting innocent people for the hell of it or just because they are black. If that was the case, there would be a lot more shootings. In the two recent shootings involving the police vs criminals, the police were absolutely justified in their use of force.

  • Ben Dover

    Law enforcement did the city a favor. This guy was a loser. You choose lifestyle, you pay the consequences. Good riddance.

  • SSDD

    At the end of the day those letters still apply in Wilmington… I guess I’d better not wear my phone on my side… I fear the atmosphere here is the same as it was in the 60’s. Even us law abiding citizens of color have to worry about both the thugs and police. I’m not taking sides on whether this or the other shooting was justified or not, Young minorities today have no clue that if you are a fugitive or in the commission of a crime, the shoot to kill order is inevitable in this town. Mr. Smith should have negotiated a public event by turning himself in and then his chances on whether he would be killed in jail or not by the police. I’m just facing the facts that right or wrong I now believe that blacks have a lot to fear in this town. I didn’t before. Thank God I guess I’m not in Charlotte where if I breakdown I might get shot to death by the police. I guess that shooting was justified too in the minds of some of these people posting replies here.

  • Its me

    I guess next time the three officers should stand there and discuss who is going to shoot the bad guy. All 3 officers obviously felt a threat and fired at the same time without discussion. I’m sure they were all three giving verbal commands for Smith to show his hands, he reached in his pocket, double tap (2) rounds 4 times, multiplied by 3 officers= 24 rounds. They did just as they were trained.

  • don wrong

    I’m not claiming to be a smart man, but wow, the grammar and spelling in some of these comments is just ridiculous. You know if half of you spend your time in school being productive, the crime rate in this town might just drop.

  • 9734

    Law enforcement was going to kill this guy whether he had run from them or if he had complied with their commands…most of you on here are smart enough to know that this guy was a “dead man walking” since he had allegedly shot a police officer.

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