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BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — A Boiling Spring Lakes father says his son was murdered by police this afternoon.

Mark Wilsey says he called police when his 18-year-old, 90 lb. son had a screwdriver that he would not let go. But Wilsey says he never expected calling for help would end with son being shot and killed by someone sworn to serve and protect.

Wilsey says his son, Keith Vidal, had schizophrenia and was having an episode Sunday afternoon at their home on the 1100 block of President Road in Boiling Spring Lakes

He says his son had about a six-inch screwdriver and was threatening to fight his mother, so they called police to calm him down.

Wilsey says everything was under control until a third officer arrived, and the situation took a dramatic turn.

“Murder. They murdered our son for no reason,” Wilsey said. “Everything was going good, then this fat cop from Southport walks in the room, walks around the corner, says, ‘We don’t have time for this. Tase that kid now. Let’s get him out of here.'”

Wilsey says like any teenage boy, his son tried to run when he heard the word tase.

“The tasers hit him, he fell back. Two officers were on top of him. You know, he’s got the little screwdriver. I mean, I would have went and got the screwdriver from him. I went to help, and I hear a shot,” Wilsey said.

Wilsey says he grabbed the officer so he could not shoot again.

“‘What did you shoot my son for?'” Wilsey said he asked the officer. “(The officer said,) ‘Well, I’m protecting my officers.’ There was no reason for deadly force here.”

Now Vidal’s family is left mourning their loved one.

“It’s hard to talk about,” Vidal’s brother Mark Ryan Wilsey said. “But he just wanted to keep to himself, but he really was just an outgoing kid. He loved to do stuff. He was talking about coming and pressure washing working with me in the summertime.”

Vidal’s brother says he was enrolled in online classes, and trying to better himself. But now Mark Ryan Wilsey says that has been taken from him.

“The kid is 18,” Wilsey added. “He hasn’t even started his life yet, and now he’ll never get the chance to.”

Brunswick County District Attorney Jon David was at the scene shortly after the shooting.

Officials say the State Bureau of Investigations is looking into the case.

The officer involved has been put on administrative leave according to Southport Police Chief Jerry Dove.


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    Lord have mercy, I have never, ever seen a BLET class “trained” to believe citizens are the enemy. I have, however, seen and trained others to be in a state of heightened awareness, because the simple fact is, there ARE people that want to hurt us. Every year, officers are killed by people who want to hurt us, some during confrontations, others simply ambushed in their car or walking down the street. Its just part of the profession, so in order to stay alive, officers should approach people they do not know with precaution. Why wouldnt they? Sure Ive seen people I work with go overboard…it happens. Im certainly not defending anyone here, just trying to balance the argument a little cause is was rather heavy on the “govt paranoia” side.

  • John

    So many questions still to be answered ..it amazes me how many people can justify killing a teenager who was being held down by two other officers. But then I watch the news tonight and see where they are trying to use the cop out that ” he wasn’t properly trained to handle mental health issues”. My question is , then why did he enter the house?
    Though he may not be “trained” he does however have first hand knowledge dealing with a schizophrenic .
    Why don’t they ask Mr. Vassey about the mandatory training he was paid to attend a year and a half ago where he was to drunk to even attend the class and had to be escorted to his room. But I wouldn’t ask his fellow buddies at the southport PD considering they are the ones who covered his ass and helped him to his room. I’m sure his ass will be covered just as well in this also. While your asking questions why don’t you also inquire about how many inappropriate relationships Vassey has had with victims in crimes he has been investigating. Chief Dove has been well aware of Vassey being a loose cannon for years but cared more about keeping a good reputation at the department then the actual safety of the citizens. The blood of this teenager is on many peoples hands. This situation could have been avoided. You can’t give a town drunk a gun and badge and expect him to act appropriately .

  • Kblue2221984

    Another well put statement. Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!

  • Jenn

    Are you suggesting schizophrenia isn’t real? This young man just turned 18 on December 10th. He was a student at his local high school. Christian values? What an oxymoron, while you suggest tossing a high schooler out of the house. Chasing his mom with a screwdriver? Who said that?

    You know nothing about the case, so until you educate yourself a bit, you should withhold commentary. You sound cruel and ridiculous.

  • Jenn

    We got the other side of the story from the dispatch recordings. The boy was shot 70 seconds after arriving on the scene, out of his jurisdiction, when the attending officers repeatedly told dispatch that everything was okay. Then the murderer claimed self defense.

    What else do we need to know?

  • Jenn

    Bryon Vassey, is that you? Or are you just a coddler of murderous cops “deputy?” You should be ashamed of yourself. YOu are just mad because you know that the dad talking to the media will get this into the national news and you won’t be able to get away with your grab for a police state.

  • Jenn

    He was in high school you disgusting creep! You (and this murderous pig) make me ashamed to live in Brunswick County!

  • TooRotten

    If true, then why did the Parents feel it so necessary to call the Police to intervene on his “threats”. Another friend of his stated that he wasn’t threatening anyone with the screwdriver, just refusing to put it down, because it was “his screwdriver”. Pops couldn’t get his non threatening son to put it down prior to calling the cops? The parents couldn’t just let this non confrontational and non threat just wait until this episode calmed down? They couldn’t distract him from being non threatening by offering to take him for a joyride or something? No, they HAD to call the Police because he WAS threatening, he WAS confrontational, he WAS delusional and aiming to harm another! If it was going to be so easy to take this “little screwdriver, that wouldn’t hurt anybody” away, why didn’t bog ol’ Daddy do it??? Yeah, I thought so! If this loose nut wasn’t harming anyone, wouldn’t hurt a fly, then WHY so many calls to the big mean, out of control Police??

  • TooRotten

    “The Police have been here several times, they know him”, but you have lived with, dealt with him for his 18 years! YOU know him the best, for the longest and you were in fear for your own safety! So you called the Police to deal with him. When he was in an “episode”, already delusional and Paranoid, you call in the Police to confront him. The Police give him commands, which he ignores, further agitating the young guy and the Police… Please explain if he had other violent outbursts/episodes? Where were the Dr.s or Psychiatrists, you couldn’t have him call them? There is a LOT more history here, but the Media just loves a good Cop shooting story. The Police are not paid to die for you or raise your kids for you or cook your Christmas dinner for you.

  • Eyes Up

    ..are a scholar and a gentleman.

  • vani@reincarnate.com

    I am a middle aged woman with a bad back and health issues.. and I have handled more dangerous threats working the graveyard shift. Seriously, these men are too cowardly to work at a 7-11, much less be a cop.

  • bubba

    his comments are very very poor in taste, but he is entitled to his opinion just as you are, which everyone above has expressed. Granted, this is a horrible outcome, but we still don’t know all the facts yet. Let’s just wait til the dust settles before you cast your judgment on others. The pendulum is definitely swinging strong one way, let the idiots be idiots and judge not lest ye be judged.

  • vancine collier

    look we all know good cop bad cop no one should ever have to question if they should or should not call the authorities. If your house was on fire would you not call them and let your house burn down because their was one fireman you didn’t like i think not. Like it or not that is their job and we should respect that they put their lives on the line every day. Yes everyone is shocked with what has happened. That doesn’t mean that all caps are good an all cops are bad. lets not be to quick to point a finger the law will deal with this Officer and if they don’t get it right then one day GOD will. This family is grieving one of the worst deaths they could ever have to deal with as parents. lets leave our comments to ourselves and let the right people deal with it. if you really want to do something go to the families ask what you can do for them because i promise they could use help even if its just washing dishes. god bless these families and lets all pray for them.

  • wyldesage

    I don’t know that you should be speaking of “Good Christian Values”.

    A person with “Good Christian Values” would not speak ill of parents who just witnessed their child die. They especially would not do so on a local news site that the friends and family of the deceased visit.

    Before you start showing off that you somehow love Christ better than other people do… perhaps you should work on the Christ-Like love, as well.

    Also, it’s none of your business why he had a stepfather.

  • David Call

    Mr Lee………I would be concerned whether Mark Wilsey comes and you have to call them for him! Your comments are very antagonistic !!!

  • melissahewett42

    So you know mental illness. Please free to contact me and i will teach you a thing or two. Would you like to met my mother who pull her hair out, see’s Jesus, hides under her bed? I will be happy to involve you in the life i have lived the past 30 years as her only caregiver. Comments like yours is just plain ignorant. Its because of people like you that we have lost funding. Yes you will see more and more cases than you did ten years ago because ten years ago we had mental health.
    FYI: mental illness has nothing to do with GOD or how your raised, please tell me where you got your medical degree???

  • Kelly

    You have to be kidding me right? You have to be the most heartless person ever. I was unaware that because a person has mental health issues that person deserved to be killed.
    And how do you know this person receives a check, do you monitor their mailbox?
    There are plenty of people who suffer from mental health issues that don’t sit on the couch and wait on the 1st of the month. They maintain and keep regulated through proper care and medication.
    God forbid this was your child who was shot and killed , I would hope you would be just as upset and outraged!
    Granted we don’t know all the facts yet but either way how can anything good come from a persons life lost?
    How is that a good thing?
    The way this post was written it makes it sound like a law enforcement officer wrote it, I would pray that we wouldn’t have someone so soulless and unsympathetic in a position that is suppose to protect and serve . If so that is a very scary thought!


    The information you added makes this even worse.. officers sent to the address “too many times” put together with them saying they “have no time for this” so they just shoot the kid? Guess it made you miss your coffee break 1 too many times or something?

    People need to wake up to the fact that you can no longer afford to trust cops. Even a good cop is only as good as the company he keeps

    This family learned that the hard way..

  • Kblue2221984

    Well put, and to the point. I agree with you…Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!

  • ted

    Happens all the time, adults and children and dogs.. and all you need to do it google “Police killing settlement’ or “Police brutality settlement” to see that police routinely assault and murder people including children and the mentally ill…. and when the facts do come out will the officer be held accountable? Probably not. No fault settlements and he keeps his job…. and you, my friend, and your fellow citizens get to pay for his insensitivity, his villainy…

  • Sasha

    You’re a disgusting individual.. You worry about money? Over some child’s life? You don’t deserve life, let alone to comment on this article. Show some respect to this grieving family.. You ignorant, greedy, scum.

  • kevin alexander banks

    I knew keith. I have picked him up with one arm. Keith with a screw driver is like a child with a pencil. Unarmed and not dangerous

  • David

    You are a pathetic pacifist who deserves to be treated this way for believing that this is ok. I hope that the next time it’s you or ANYONE you love that gets killed by these thugs so you can continue justifying this ridiculous behavior.

  • Monkey Junction

    This kid was diagnosed with schizophrenia. This is not an imaginary disease and it has real manifestations of paranoid delusions. Your attempt to stigmatize mental illness is the problem. Mental illnesses are real and have nothing to do with discipline, morals, or God. Your antiquated line of thinking is the problem.

    What in the world does schizophrenia have to do with Christian values? Heck the kid might have heard what he thought was the voice of Gad telling him to do these things.

    I have no real idea if the shooting was justified or not, hopefully time will tell. But your post is full of the nonsense and babble that causes mental illnesses to be untreated and demonized.

  • David

    Idiot! 90# kid with a “deadly” screwdriver. Are you seriously trying to convince ANYONE that this a weapon? What a wimp!!

  • David

    You are in serious error! They are trained that citizens are the enemy and will be dealt with as such. If you seriously disbelieve this obvious truth then you should research before opening your pacifist mouth. They are trained to uphold the laws of whatever town/city at any cost. They are trained to treat every citizen as a suspect until a judge or other higher authority clears them. Period. Research man!

  • Only-n-bc

    Well well deputy25 aren’t you the most pleasant person , your bashing a father for speaking about what he seen whether it’s fact or what he thinks he seen but yet you seem to think its ok for you to to assume he wasn’t concerned over what happened that he was just trying to get on tv . Regardless an 18 year old with a screwdriver was killed at the hands of someone else .so as you stated you wasn’t there nor do you know how it happened so why don’t you keep your mouth shut on how you think the father should be acting . Obviously your a sick twisted person yourself ,hell who knows you may be the one that pulled the trigger !



  • collin

    no police officer is trained that “citizens are the enemy”. they are trained to PROTECT citizens and order. In no way are any officers ever told that the citizens in which they protect, that they are the enemy?

    please check your facts before posting such ludicrous statements

  • Andrew

    The boy was not “unarmed”

  • Eyes Up

    Pardon me, are you asking people to wait for the facts before rushing to judgement?

    On this board I see numerous posts where you keep saying the father is emotionless at the loss of his son, and neglecting his wife? Where are your facts there?

    At least our judgement are over OUR servants, whom we have a duty to hold accountable. Also, we aren’t the jury.. we can base our opinion on the available information

    You, on the other hand, are making baseless insults against the family of the deceased.

    I don’t know if you are an actual cop or a just a wannabe jackboot-humper… but I DO know that you are NOT a human. You are a base and low THING.

  • jack hammer

    Plus one. Recently, we have heard about cops forcing citizens to have their mouths DNA-swabbed at unconstitutional (voluntary, but not really) checkpoints in Virginia, and New Mexico cops & sheriff deputies digitally probing a female (without a warrant) to search for drugs. Regardless of the circumstance, emergency or not, I can’t see any value to calling on the uniformed government thugs for assistance.

    Does the absentee father remain blameless is this? I doubt it. And I won’t be surprised if the “parents” play this for a suitcase payday. Blood-dancing on the grave of their “troubled” son, that should have long since been institutionalized. But…

    Let’s see an interview with this Southport hero. I’ll bet if he’d pulled some kittens out of a burning tree, he’d be happy to have his name and picture published. If he needed his firearm to manage a situation versus anyone, even a full-sized man, wielding nothing but a screwdriver, he’s nothing but a coward. Personally, for my own peace of mind, I’d like to see a picture of this goon before I pass through Brunswick County again.

    Resist the cops. Resist the urge to involve the cops, at all cost. Never trust them any further than you can throw them. The burgeoning police state is not your friend.

  • Eyes Up

    Wow, taunting the family of the dead now, are you? I don’t know if explaining this to a soulless imbecile, such as yourself, will do any good. Still, I shall do you the favor of pretending you are intelligent enough to get what I have to say.

    The man is not spending 24/7 on TV. Only the proufoundly stupid and/or deliberate decievers would say he’s not spending time with his wife, just because he is ALSO seeking justice for his son.

    Now I know cops and jackboot humpers like to taunt the family of the dead in cases like this, but that makes you lower than the WBC types.

  • David McKee

    Police should be held to a much higher standard – and if (and I say if) what the father said is true, this “cop” should be convicted of murder and then should himself given capital punishment by firing squad.

    Most police are good men and women. They routinely put their lives on the line for very low pay. When a power hungry scumbag who thinks of himself as the Nazi SS thought of themselves, gets into their ranks, that scumbag needs to be taken out…permanently.

  • I agree with Abuse of Power

    Well said!

  • PublicAvenger

    Well said Gramps. My heart goes out to this young man, and the police, that had to deal with this nightmare situation.

    Perhaps if someone could have gotten to this kid earlier in life, with good Christian Values, and stern, positive, Southern work-ethic discipline, things would have been much better.

    Instead of the “expert” psycho-babbles, treating him with bottles of medication, and this disability-entitlement, mentality. By the way, why are he and his “father” have different last names ?

  • Grant Lee

    The one good thing that took place here is one less deranged freeloader gets a check now.
    And that family will never have to call 911 again! Handle all your own issues now!

    We never want another call at that address again. You folks have called for us to quell issues there not just with your son 68 times. I have lived in BSL 43 years and have had to call 911 a total of 3 times! You have way outdone me in 3 years!
    I feel for your loss, but don’t start calling your problem solvers Murderers!

  • John

    “Psychology garbage ruining our society” –Wow! If anything is ruining our society it’s certainly not psychology. These lazy parents you speak of are your generation’s sons and daughters, so way to go raising them right since according to you it’s always the parents fault for how their kids end up…

    When you were a kid..

    a) you probably weren’t schizophrenic so of course you didn’t behave like one so there’s that…

    b) people like this boy weren’t in your schools, and if he was it was a self contained classroom and you never saw them. Now as a way to promote them adapting and blazing a path in life they are included in the general population classrooms where they work, skin elbows or whatever, make mistakes, and learn how to function in society. Wait…still blaming school administrators???

    As far as the catch 22 I think there is definitely some middle ground between ignoring him and SHOOTING HIM DEAD.

    And how do you know that family does not go to church on Sundays? Christian values should of been followed by that police officer that pulled his gun and FIRED on someone’s son. Do onto others is the saying correct?

  • Eyes Up

    In highschool I dated a guy who was 6 foot 3 and 120lbs. The poor guy would sometimes eat spoons of lard in hopes of gaining weight.. on top of the fact he ate like a horse, too. He stayed like that until he was in his early 30’s

  • Eyes Up

    I am truly and deeply sorry for your loss.

    I think I saw you talking about this last night, on the boards from the initial report of the story. I am deeply saddened and more than a little angered at how certain people were gloating and taunting Keith’s friends and family. I’m just grateful most of the locals were supportive.

    I hope that the fact that the shooter was from a different agency than the two who had him restrained, will increase the chances that they will tell the truth instead of “backing a bro”. I also hope the FBI gets involved, because you cant trust internal investigation to do anything but look for a way to justify the murder.

  • Eyes up

    They also lost their daughter in an automobile accident recently.

    I was on a news site in their local area, last night. Most of the locals were supporting the family… but a few townies were rubbing it in, and taunting the family members by name. One was the brother of one of the cops involved. (they were all locals, the story was new… so you could get a REAL good feel for what was going on)

    THANK YOU for being one of the few decent people who understands how a human being with a soul, is supposed to behave.

  • Eyes UP

    We should go back to the old Christian way to doing this

    They shouldn’t have diagnosed him as mentally ill.. we should burn him at the stake for communing with demons.

    (And before anyone take this as a general attack on Christianity, it is not. I realize that it’s been a couple centuries since such was a common occurrence, and that the thought is repellent to most Christians. It IS however, a statement that Gramps35 needs to understand that the problem ISN’T that there are less members of his religion, and that his religion is not magically immune to grievous flaws)

    Seriously, my faith is important to me too… but I understand that all the problems of the world won’t be solved by making everyone else follow it. It’s a shame that gramps still hasn’t managed to learn that.

  • Matt Long

    This comment should be removed at this time

  • Guest72

    Enough said.

  • JLK

    There is a huge difference between raising a child and trying to control an adult who is experiencing a psychotic episode. It sounds like you are saying these parents are not being good parents and do not know how to be a parent period because they have had to call the cops to help control their son. When you have an adult child with a severe mental illness like schizophrenia, sometimes calling law enforcement is the only choice you have. Yes, maybe it is sad that they have had to call the cops multiple times, and maybe that should have been a sign that he should be put into a medical facility. Or maybe he wasn’t taking his medication as prescribed, who knows. But you can not jump to the conclusion that they do not know how to parent until you have walked in their shoes and raised a child with schizophrenia.

  • guestyI

    If 3 law officers can not subdue a mentally ill 5’5′ 100 lb person that’s already face down on the floor without shooting and killing them it’s truly a scary and sad state of affairs in Brunswick Co.
    This was murder and should be treated as such. If the DA doesn’t prosecute this as a murder or at least voluntary manslaughter we should organize and protest this barbarity.
    Crap like this is part of the reason people would rather shoot a policeman than be taken into custody. Too much of this happens in SE NC. This isn’t the first time an unarmed person has been gunned down and murder in our area.

  • Matt

    First, your only hearing one side of the story.. For a father who just lost his son, he really wasn’t showing any emotions. Also if it was such a little screwdriver why didn’t he just take it away from the kid??? Its so easy to blame the cops for any little thing now.. Let the SBI do the investigation.. If the cop was in the wrong, then yes he should be dealt with. Tell you what.. All of the one’s on here with neg. comments towards cops, if any time in the near future you should need the police.. Don’t worry calling them, since a lot of you seem to know how to handle all situations.

  • Matt martain

    I know these officers in BSL also and never have I encountered them when they weren’t respectful or professional. The fatal shot came from a southport officer . The father stated that he had called the police many times. In the past to intervene and it seems they handled the situation without incident. They never had to use deadly force. The minute southport or another agency got involved it ended with tragedy. Put the blame where it belongs. The father said the two officers inside had the situation under control without shooting him, the 3rd officer from another agency “didn’t have time for this” and shot a subdued person.

  • guestwhat

    I guess a 90lb kid had them in fear of their lives. Give me a break!

  • Sarah

    Are you freaking kidding me? He was schizophrenic, sometimes it is absolutely necessary for a parent to have to call law enforcement to help control their mentally ill children. I am a mental health therapist working in an intensive outpatient program for mentally ill children and teens. And yes, sometimes even we professionals, who have been trained for this job, are forced to call law enforcement to control a client. Clearly you understand nothing about mental illness, otherwise you would not be placing blame on the parents. You are a despicable human being.

  • SurfCityTom

    that the DA is on the scene of virtually every serious incident, unless they occur in 1 of the hoods, while the officers are still on the scene?

    A. He has no confidence in the investigating officers?

    B. Free mention of his name as he aspires to replace Roy Cooper 1 day?

    It would seem he and his assistants would spend more time on cases, once presented by the officers, to actually take them to trial and reduce the number of plea bargains which might send a message to wannabe thugs and criminals.

  • Ashley

    This is just tragic. When all the facts come out about the officer in question maybe people won’t be so quick to defend him!
    Also while the incident may have happened in boiling springs lakes, the officer was a southport officer .
    Boiling springs police officers are NOT who pulled the trigger. I have read comments questioning why the family even called the police and even blaming the dad for what happened. Are you serious ??
    A lot of times in heated situations an outside source is needed to defuse it. How many times have you tried to clam someone down in vail and then a friend or someone walk in a calm the child right down. Police officers are trained to deal with people with mental health issues without the use of deadly force! If we can’t call the police for interventions then why are they there for in the first place. I am not a cop hater I have the upmost respect for officers in the line of duty. I do not have respect for officers who obviously abuse their power .
    All I can say is this was a lose cannon that has been covered up for years and now a life is lost!
    My condolences are with the family.

  • shawn

    LEO24 you have no idea what it takes to have a kid with mental disablity and for you to say that it’s the parents fault that they do not know how to raise their kids and etc is completely wrong they were asking for help with their child to help defuse a situation their child suffers from schizophrenia. There was no reason for the offercer to have shot that kid. NO matter if he had a screwdriver in his had or not. What they should have let take place is let the kid return to the room in which he was retreating to or safe zone.

  • Guest123123

    Why was a Southport police officer even there. Was he called by a BSL officer? I would think someone from the Sheriffs dept would come if extra help was needed.Verbal commands can be very persuasive in a situation like this if done by the right officer. I just do not see how this could not have been handled with just the taser or pepper spray.


    Have you ever dealt with someone who has mental health issues? Based on your ignorant comments I am going to assume NO!! This is not like dealing with a normal teenage son. He was not trying to have the police raise his son, these type of people have to handled very differently. They have officers that are trained just to handle situations like this. Maybe before you talk junk you should do your research!!

  • Guest12345678

    My husband is 23 and weighs 110 lbs. when he was 18
    He weighed the same as this boy did and he eats like a horse.
    So before bashing the parents, you would need to know the
    Full story. Also, people like you need to learn to speak
    A little more gently when posting comments like this.
    Those parents just lost their son!! Then you and anyone else
    Have the nerve to bash their parenting skills?! You should
    Be ashamed.

  • Richelle Przybycien

    I’m not sure why you have the right to judge what these parents are like based on one story… They just lost their son so I’m also not sure why you would bad them as parents like that. This boy had a disorder that made him hard to handle. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you become superman.. If they felt their safety was in jeopardy they did the right thing in calling the police. You my friend need to step back and put yourself in their shoes for a day.

  • Amy Madden

    Did you not see the part where it said he had schizophrenia? He was having a psychotic breaks, it’s wasn’t his parents fault that they couldn’t “control” him.

  • Bufhhdhf

    What all citizens of this country need to wake up and realize is, to law enforcement, you are now the enemy. This is how thy are trained and how they approach every single day on the job. Citizens are the enemy, and at any moment each and every one of us could end their life. They do not protect, they control. Thy do not serve, they order. Law enforcement is not there for you any longer.

    This is the reality of what this country has become. Law enforcement has become militarized. They are soldiers, and you are the enemy.

  • Becca

    It makes me sick to my stomach to know that such “men” as these are those who have sworn to serve and protect us. It breaks my heart that because of one lazy, arrogant cop, a family now has to suffer the loss of a son. A police officer should be properly trained to handle a NINETY POUND BOY. If anything, the third officer should have put him in handcuffs so he would have been unable to do anything with the screwdriver. More and more stories have been surfacing of police officers killing people in situations that were completely wrong. These police officers need to get control of their God-complexes and get off of their high horses, start ACTUALLY protecting us and helping people out of terrible situations. My prayers go out to this family and I hope God serves that police officer justice in one way or another.

  • It’s Me

    Several questions I would like to know more about:
    1. Why didn’t big dad take the “little 6 inch screwdriver from his son?”
    2. They must have felt an imminent threat since they called police for assistance.
    3. If he only weighed 90 pounds, why wasn’t DSS involved for “failure to thrive.” Really and truly, 90 pounds for an 18 year old is probably not quite accurate.
    4. I find it hard to believe any officer would shoot between 2 fellow officers and risk hitting one of them.
    5. Someone having a psychotic episode can be very dangerous and quite strong.
    6. Sometimes tasing has no effect on psychotic individuals.
    WWAY stay on Jon David for more information on this. From the dad’s account, he wasn’t in the room when the shooting occurred. He “came around the corner.”

  • Guest2020

    My prayers go out to the family. I hope the SBI is successful in ascertaining the truth of the matter.

  • deputy25

    just wondering something, not being funny or anything. were you at the house when this happened? just wondering. great comment by the way. sound like a great friend.

  • Brittany

    It was a Southport Officer that shot him…. NOT a BSL officer.

  • Guest-o-matic

    This is a very unfortunate incident and it sounds as thought there are a lot of variables to include a teenager with obviously severe mental problems. It seems very inappropriate to headline this article that the “Father says his 18 year old son was murdered by a Southport police officer.” That is no more than opinion at this point and displays an uneccessary and obvious smearing of the Southport police department. This is the “opinion” of a father that has just lost his son. The father intentionally called the police to gain control of his son due to his own inability to do so during a family crisis involving violence.

    Until the facts are on the table and an investigation is conducted, harse “opinions” and accusations of “murder” by police officers should be avoided until confirmed. This type of headline is nothing other than a news grab and is parallel the the “opinions” that the Creekwood thugs are really great guys, helpful community members, pillars of their neighborhood and really don’t deserve life sentences for a “mistake”. While I can understand the ignorance of individuals making such posts, I can’t comprehend a professional news agency relaying that same mentality in their headlines.

  • Timothy Brock

    I live in Bsl and know first hand how these cops do around here. They show up and show out I hope they get the book thrown at them.. (don’t have time for this) it’s boiling spring lakes it’s a couple of roads and a handful of people what else could you possibly have going on that’s more important than protecting this young man and his family… let me guess … you interrupted this fat cops food/donut break!

  • deputy25

    Thank You. very well put. but the idiots out here in tv land will just think that a cop shot a killed someone little kid for no reason until the facts come out. good questions, very good.

  • Sandy @ the beach

    My heart goes out to this family. I learned the hard way not to call the police for help. When my violent ex-husband would go on a rampage, they would come out and tell me and my children to leave. When they were talking to him and I would walk over he would go into a rage. They would blame me and tell me to walk away or I could go to jail. No drugs or alcohol were ever involved as we were not partiers. Thanks to the wonderful people at Hope Harbor House I was able to leave him before more damage could be done to my childrens frame of minds. I pray this family gets justice and the police get some badly needed training to avoid future murders by those sworn to “Serve and Protect us!”

  • Traveln’Woman

    This is sad. I know that the media usually twists stories to get what they want but there has to be some truth to this. What the hell is the kid going to do with a screwdriver? It cannot do any real physical harm when used by a 90lb boy against two grown men. I really hope the cop who shot Keith goes to jail for a really long time. Tasing him is somewhat understandable but shooting him? No. You could have restrained him instead.


  • guest28403

    Too often officers shoot first before they think. Im not down on all police. I have family who are in law enforcement and having worked Fire Rescue previously I have friends who are cops. My problem is all to often police exceed reasonable force in situations lik these. Sure part of the blame is the system. Our mental health system is a disaster to say the least and police have too little training in dealing with mental illness patients. The tasers were likely adequate to resolve the issue so the use of deadly force was excessively likely in this case and I hope the officer in question is disciplined, if egegrious enough he could face manslaughter charges I imagine and maybe that will be deserved maybe not but it seems to me the BSL officers in question at least one totally mishandled this case sadly. A 18yr old young man is dead and his family is left with only questions and no clear answers in the end.

  • Anthony Owens

    There aren’t any words that can express how deeply hurt I am that this happened. Today the world lost an awesome person. Keith was like a little brother to me. I sat many times with him and listened to him play drums, or sat in a hot condo stand with him waiting for a pig to mosey out to eat some corn.. Or just watching his drumming videos saying “man this kids talented”. I have been to the place it happened and seen the carnage left in the wake of a bad decision. Despite what any news organization or police representative says to try to justify this cold blooded murder, The facts of the matter are as follows..FIRST THINGS FIRST ( Keith didn’t threaten anyone with the screw driver, He merely stated it was his screwdriver and that he didn’t want to put it down.) Two full grown , Officers of the law, attempted to calm Keith down. If they had stayed there course things would have been fine. Instead a rash and unforgiving 3rd party decided they didn’t have time to save a life, and instead of help, he decided to END a promising young life. Keith Vidal Was a very passionate kid and loved music and basketball more than any thing on this earth..He had many friends and will be dearly missed. He loved his family and they in return loved him.. Today was a tragedy. S.O.P couldn’t have been followed. There is no way that Keith deserved to die today… In support of the family I would ask all of you to please pray for the Wilsey/Vidal Families and If you are local, Please help stand against Police Brutality and Unjust Shooting Deaths. Keith shall never again grace us with his illusive smile, He may never play another game of Team Deathmatch with his buddies on xbox, and he may never bang his drums in Madison square garden.. But what we can do for him is make sure that his death was not in vain. We can push and demand justice for this travesty. We can establish laws to protect the mentally ill when they are in their dire time of need. We can refuse to accept the fact that in North Carolina a young man may be held down in his own home tased and then shot by the people who were called there to help.
    There are no hear say statements in anything I have posted… I have talked to the people involved.. Keith was Murdered in the hall way of his home by a Southport Police Officer in Boiling Springs Lakes. The officer said “concern for officers safety” was the reason he shot Keith. Yet his concern for officer safety Was null and void when he fired his weapon into a mass of bodies on the floor at close range.. He could have just as easily killed one of his own.. If it weren’t for Keith’s Father grabbing the officer, He would have shot him again.. Keith was a big person in a small body. About 5’3 to 5’5 and 90 to 100lbs Keith was small for his age. Trained officers should know the difference between a 6’5 335 lbs monster and a 5’3 100lb kid.. All that I can say is PASS IT ON. DO NOT LET THIS BE SWEPT UNDER THE GOOD OLE BOY RUG.. DO NOT LET THIS MAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER.. NEXT TIME IT COULD BE CLOSER TO HOME. KEITH WAS SHOT LIKE A DOG IN THE FLOOR OF HIS HOME. . PLEASE HELP US AND DEMAND THE TRUTH AND FOR JUSTICE TO BE SERVED..
    Rest In Peace Little Brother, you will be forever missed..
    Anthony Owens — with Keith Vidal.

  • anonymous

    This is such a tragedy. No excuse for this the officer who did it needs to loose his job!!!!!

  • Julie Schaeffer

    I am so disturbed and sickened by this horrible, tragic, and totally senseless killing. For a police officer to have no more regard for a human life than this is disgusting. A family calls for help, help they needed, help that they deserved, and their son is EXECUTED. Where is the compassion? The Sympathy? I guess we should all be thanking God that were still alive, because if the police shot every teenager that was out of control at one time or another, we would all be dead. Police officers DEMAND respect, THEY are in charge. They have all the power, and we must OBEY. Heres what I think, they should BE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD, THEY SHOULD SHOW MORE SELF CONTROL THAN A MENTALLY ILL 18 YIEAR OLD BOY WIELDING A SCREWDRIVER. THIS OFFICER NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. To protect and serve? Who? Certainly not the people who asked fir help, and certainly not the young man who needed help. If there is any justice at all in this world, this sorry excuse of a human being will NEVER touch another weapon, or better yet NEVER see the outside of a cell.

  • guestg

    MURDERERS. Sue the Hell out of them.

  • LEO24

    This situation that happened is a sad one for sure. Its sad the family had to call 911 to control their son. Its also sad the officers had to shoot the out of control son holdind a weapon.
    The father made the statemnt ‘the officers have been here several times, and know him’. That is sad too.

    Its a shame they had to be called to control your kid a job you obviously couldnt or wouldnt do! Seems to everyone you have no idea how to be a parent. Maybe if you have other children, try not to call Law Enforcement to help raise them. The guy had a weapon I for one have seen a man throw a screwdriver years ago and it hit an officer in the neck! Thank God he was taken to the hospital and had it removed. But I guess thats ok, because that officer chose that type job? Well that can be said for anybody holding a weapon towards anybody. They made that Choice.

  • gramps1935

    This poor kid. When I was young, ALL kids were a little off, in some way. But we were disciplined. And learned to adapt, and overcome.

    Nowadays, lazy parents, and school administrators, are quick to “diagnose” them as bipolar, or whatever, and cram a million pills down their throats, and give them “crazy checks”. This psychology garbage is ruining our society.

    Then the poor kid becomes a complete nut case. Living like a 8 year old kid, at mama’s house, when he’s 18. He becomes a worthless, lazy, parasite, bum.

    This is not natural. Naturally they’re gonna freak out. He should be growing up. Working, skinning his elbows, learning from his mistakes, and blazing his path in life. Like we had to do, when I was young.

    This festers a selfish mindset of no discipline, nor morals. He lives a worthless existence. Then something like this, is bound to explode,and happen. When I was a kid, I would never even think of chasing my mom around the house, to stab her, with a screwdriver.

    The police are in a “Catch-22”. They ignore him, and let him stab his mom, then dad will be just as “mad”, saying the police should have subdued him. By the way, I did not see even the slightest bit of remorse from Dad. It looked more like a “gotcha” attitude.

    Situations like this are the result of a society, turning from raising kids on Christian values. And relying on psycho-babble, “experts”, to “treat” our children. This boy deserved better. I believe this tragedy started with psycho-babble.

  • deputy25

    1 question. DO YOU KNOW THE FACTS , THE TRUE FACTS OF THE CASE HERE? or just what ‘pop’ has said??

  • Eyes Up

    It is is ignorant to say it is irresponsible journalism to report a quote. This is true, even if that quote contains an opinion. The headline gives an 100% accurate report of what happened. The father said that. If the headline was “Father witnesses cops murdering son”, you would be on to something. That’s not what the headline says though, is it?

    Secondly, you are ignorant of the meaning of fact and opinion. An opinion means something that cannot be proven or disproved. A fact is something that can be disproved or proven. With numerous people around, forensic evidence, etc… this CAN be proven or disproved.

  • deputy25

    HEY POPS , if you are so concerned for your son,step son, go and be with your wife and console her instead of trying to start a “NANCY GRACE ” segment for the news media. i dont know how it all went down, whos fault it is, all we know is what you said. stay off the tv and at least appear to be concerned!!!!!!

  • I believe you

    The last year of the 20 year marraige, my husband kept me prisoner, starved me, and deprived me of medical care when I had cancer. I melted away to 100 lbs (i am 5 foot 7 and large boned, so that was NOT a good kind of thin)

    He’d taunt me about how I was going to die. Tell me how much joy he took in watching me rot to death, slowly.

    He forgot to take his bag of journals to work with him one day.. and I managed to look inside.. and he was grading and scoring himself on his mental abuse of me, and ranting about fights we had when we were teenagers.

    I managed to get help from a neighbor calling the cops. They said I looked like a meth addict, said it was my word against his, refused to look at the journals, etc. I told them that I wasn’t on drugs, and they could drug test me if they didn’t believe me, and begged them again to look at the evidence. They said that they’d arrest me for disturbing the police if I didn’t stop wasting their time with my drama. The only “investigating” they did was to ask the neighbor if she ever saw or heard him hit me.. she (truthfully) said no.. and they took that as “proof” of me being wrong.

    After that, my husband skipped town after leaving me with a broken foot, a severe blow to the head, and a stab wound from a BBQ fork. The cops never bothered investigating, or even showing up at the hospital to take a report. (Required by law in the state I lived in)

    Luckily, it had at least reached a point that friends my husband cut me off from, got wind of what was going on.. and took turns putting me up until my health recovered enough to move back to my hometown and find a job. It’s the only reason I’m alive today.

    The Supreme Court now says that the cops have no duty to protect and serve. They aren’t here for us. They’re here to keep us in line.

  • deputy25

    are you a police officer? has anyone ever been at you with a screwdriver 6 inches long? it can kill and has killed officers before. you ever dealt with a mental person in a rage? 90 lbs can be be very deceiving when trying to handle one/ they are strong, very strong at any age. i guess you are just believing only what you have heard ‘pop’ said on tv. i guess you could just disarm a raging person with a srewdriver anytime you want.

  • izzy0817

    Obviously you missed the part about the boy having a schizophrenic episode? You cannot “control” those.

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