Rumors swirl about Lennon Lacy death, investigation


BLADENBORO, NC (WWAY) — In response to community rumors of an arrest in the Lennon Lacy death investigation, Lacy’s brother took to social media to say there have been no arrests and officials continue to say his brother’s death was a suicide.

Lacy, 17, was found hanging from a swing set in late August about half a mile from his home. The autopsy describes injuries around Lacy’s neck consistent with the cut noose sent to the medical examiner with the body.

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Kadeja McKoy, a friend of Lacy’s, said the rumors surrounding his death have not stopped since then.

“There’s been a bunch of different stories,” McKoy said.

The biggest mystery in the death investigation, both friends and family say, is they say Lacy was found hanging from the swing set wearing shoes that were not his own. They said Lacy had recently purchased a new pair of Air Jordans.

“They found the dude with his shoes. I feel like they should go ahead and do something to him cause it’s not a coincidence that he has his shoes,” McKoy said.

The autopsy also said it was reported that Lacy had been depressed from the recent death of his uncle. Lacy’s family, however, disputes the teen’s mental state, saying he was not suicidal.

“Yes, I would truly say it’s a murder. Accidental or not. He was taken from me,” Lacy’s mother, Claudia Lacy, told us in September.

The family’s attorney, Allen Rogers, says the mortician who handled Lacy’s body saw a lump on Lacy’s head when he first got the body, but the autopsy report says nothing about it. McKoy agreed with the description.

“His face. He had bruises on his face. If it was a suicide they why do you have bruises on your face?” McKoy said.

On a Facebook post late Friday night, Lacy’s brother, Pierre Lacy, said the family was told the case was closed. He said, “The police are done working. They have made there (sic) conclusion. To them it was suicide until we are able to prove otherwise.”

District Attorney Jon David said he cannot comment on what the family was told or the status of the mystery shoes. David said the investigation continues. The SBI is also assisting with the investigation; calls made to that office were not returned.