UPDATE: H2Go explains future water plant project


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — H2Go is in the process of expanding the company by building a water plant in the northern portion of Brunswick county, but the location of the development has created some controversy.

Executive Director of H2Go Bob Walker said, “I mean the water we get now isn’t bad.”

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We asked Walker, why is there a need for a new plant in Belville if the water quality is fine? A project that was met with push back at the meeting this past Saturday.

“Our customer base is going to double over the next 20-25 years. We have 9500 customers now so yeah we need it, we need another supply,” said Walker.

A supply that Brunswick County Utilities says they have it covered.

Jerry Pierce, Director Of Public Utilities, said “Brunswick County believes that it has adequate water capacity to meet current wholesale and retail consumer. We have several projects that are underway to make sure we can meet our future demands of our customers.”

Bob Walker explained the water plant will be using ground water rather water from the Cape Fear River like Brunswick County Utilities uses which he says has benefits. He says, “Algae blooms, any type of surface water contamination, droughts, hurricanes, and the ground water source we are going to be pulling from won’t have those vulnerabilities.”

Walker discussed how the prices would change with H2Go if they had their own plant. “For a customer who uses 3000 gallons a month their rate may go up $3.25 over the next couple of years and then it will level off after that,” said Walker.

“Hopefully we will be providing better service to our customers, better water, and low rates than if we were staying with the county,” Walker says.

Officials with the Brunswick County Utilities say customers will see a slight increase in their bills with or without H2Go buying water from them.

If the plans go as expect for H2Go, the water plant should be done by 2018.

H2Go services people in areas like Waterford and Magnolia Greens.