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Donald Trump has pledged to build a wall along the Mexican border that Mexico will pay for. (Photos: Gage Skidmore & Office of Rep. Phil Gingrey/MGN)
Donald Trump has pledged to build a wall along the Mexican border that Mexico will pay for. (Photos: Gage Skidmore & Office of Rep. Phil Gingrey/MGN)

The Mexican government has made its first direct response to Donald Trump’s pledge to build a wall along the two countries’ border — and make Mexico pay for it.

“I say it emphatically and categorically: Mexico, under no circumstance is going to pay for the wall that Mr. Trump is proposing,” Mexican Treasury Secretary Luis Videgaray said late Wednesday to Milenio television.

The wall proposal by the Republican presidential hopeful has been criticized widely and fiercely in Mexico, but the government itself has tried to avoid commenting directly on the issue until now.

Trump is leading the Republican presidential contenders and has used especially tough talk on immigration.

His comments came one day after Francisco Guzman of President Enrique Pena Nieto’s office told reporters that the government would not engage in verbal duels with U.S. candidates. Instead, he described a plan to reach out with information to campaigns through Mexican consulates in the U.S.

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon had already derided the idea and compared Trump to Adolf Hitler.

“Building a wall between Mexico and the United States is a very bad idea, it is an idea based in ignorance and that is not supported by the reality of North American integration,” Videgaray said. He said there was no way that Mexican taxpayers could pay for that sort of project.

Since he launched his campaign last summer, Trump has taken aim at Mexicans, saying they bring crime and drugs to the U.S. and are “rapists.”

Mexico’s answer until now had been to remind Americans of the economic contributions made by their citizens and Mexican-Americans. The two countries’ trade amounts to more than $500 billion annually.


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  • guest45

    you can bet one thing, Mexico will pay for that wall to control their illegal immigration problems to us one way or the other, we can and should cut off all their foreign aid and to every country around the world , that would be one step in the right direction, and secondly we will balance the trade to a level playing field for us, so yes, Mexico will contribute one way or the other, they are the ones that are causing the border problems, they should be the ones to fix it, one way or the other.

    then we need to go back and look at Bill Clintons NAFTA he signed into law, it put a screeching halt to our manufacturing, that needs to be reversed now. we get our companies back out of Mexico and here and that will be another blow to them.

    • Vog46

      TOTAL foreign aid to ALL countries is $45B.
      Mexico runs a trade deficit with the U.S. because they EXPORT crude to the U.S. which we refine for them and send back as petroleum products.
      Ending that would COST the U.S. some jobs.
      Mexico could EASILY reverse that deficit situation by refining their own oil.
      Mexico won’t pay for the wall. We rely on them taking an enormous amount of agricultural products and automobiles FROM the U.S.

      And, no matter which way you slice it and dice it people, not JUST Mexicans, but everyone, still wants to come here.
      So if Trump were Chief of the Native American tribes would he have built a wall to prevent the English Immigrants from settling here? We are a nation of immigrants………

      • guest45

        45 billion, you say that like a true government worker, like it is peanuts, B/S, every dime of foreign aid is money that has been stolen from a working taxpayer against his will, and spent on a worthless cause that is still against the taxpayers will, so getting a businessman in Washington that does have a clue that money doesn’t grow on a tree or run off printing press has to be the first priority of voters in this country, there is only 1 person running that is not a full time political hack sucking off the tit of the taxpayers! go TRUMP go

      • Vog46

        So guest ALL Americans are against foreign aid? Just because YOU ARE?
        Americans stood up and CHEERED when we helped rebuild Europe and Japan after WWII. You apparently forget that Americans are a forgiving people and especially a HELPFUL people.
        Your preaching of HATE for others is despicable and unconstitutional

      • guest45

        Vog, lets do this the right way, lets put this up for a vote, the only people allowed to vote are working, true taxpaying individuals, lets see how we vote, I can tell you right now 99% of taxpayers are tired of seeing our tax dollars go overseas and getting no return, if we have to fight somebodys battles for some unknown reason, the least they can do is pay us back for our money and lives lost, we shouldn’t have to fight country’s battles and then rebuild them better than we found them and subsidize them for life, the only people that think it is ok for us to do that is people like yourself that the money isn’t coming directly from your pockets!

      • Vog46

        Sorry guest 45 – your continued attempts to paint me as a non taxpaying citizen don’t work. I paid while a state employee and I’m paying even more now that i’m in private industry.
        The American people DON’T get to vote on budgets guest – for a reason……

      • Vog46

        Here – lets put this in perspective guest45-
        I will get my measly pension AND BCBS when I retire. This for working 20+ years.
        Here’s what Drumpf got for one project:
        “17. Your first major deal was converting the decrepit Commodore Hotel next to Grand Central Station into a Grand Hyatt. Mayor Abe Beame, a close ally of your father Fred, gave you the first-ever property tax abatement on a New York City hotel, worth at least $400 million over 40 years.

        Since you boast that you are a self-made billionaire, how do you rationalize soliciting and accepting $400 million of welfare from the taxpayers?
        Apparently the term hypocrite is lost on you
        Here read some more about your “boy” and because of his diminutive fingers he must be pre-pubescent:


  • Christopher Meyers

    “Building a wall between Mexico and the United States is a very bad idea, it is an idea based in ignorance and that is not supported by the reality of North American integration,” Videgaray said.
    Really Videgaray? The REALITY of the North American Integration is that YOUR citizens are NOT integrating into OUR country according to OUR laws and are dragging heroin, coke and meth in by the tons to poison our children! Keep you damn people on your side of the border or get them into this country by the laws of this country! That’s a pretty simple concept and the last time I looked, that’s the way it’s enforced in Mexico! If you can’t or don’t want to follow our laws, a wall can be built and can be effective!

  • Alice Wren

    The United States Of America has been reduced to a reality show.
    Entering the realm of Jerry Springer

    I wonder how many of these ‘new Republican voters’ know how government works,
    or about our country’s history.

    Bet’ch one thing for sure… They all watched Donalds show

    Rick Santorum should be happy, it seems a primary portion of America hasn’t had access to a higher education.

    • Christopher Meyers

      Rally Alice? You must be talking about how the world laughs at the US over the Iran deal, or snickers over the fact of top secret emails being used as toilet paper by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State of the United States government? Perhaps it’s the over the top “Executive Actions” that the president has exercised against the will of the people of this country, could it be the forced gay marriage rights that the majority of America denounced. Does Jerry Springer snub the Pope, but bend over and kiss the ring of a Saudi King like Obama?
      Remember, do you really want to cast YOUR vote for Monica Lewnski’s boyfriends wife? Go ahead!

      • Vog46

        Again the Iran deal was not struck by the U.S.alone it was negotiated by a consortium of countries.
        The Inspector General said that Colin Powell, Condaleeza Rice and Hillary all used private servers and NONE of Hillary’s emails were classified when she wrote or received them
        As for presidential executive orders??

        From snopes
        ……………………………claimed: Actual
        Theodore Roosevelt 3 1,081
        Franklin Roosevelt …….11 3,522
        Harry Truman ……………5 907
        Dwight Eisenhower ……..2 484
        John Kennedy …………..4 214
        Lyndon Johnson ……4 325
        Richard Nixon …………..1 346
        Gerald Ford …………..3 169
        Jimmy Carter …………..3 320
        Ronald Reagan …….5 381
        George H.W. Bush …….3 166
        Bill Clinton …………15 364
        George W. Bush …..62 291
        Barack Obama ………..923 147

        You seem to have a problem with exaggeration Chris. The TRUTH is far different then what YOU claim it is – but that’s OK you will believe what you WANT to believe which is what you WISH to be true.
        Drumpf is a flip flopping RINO and former DemoRAT – something Cruz, Rubio and Kaicish CAN’T claim (and wouldn’t want to).
        If Trump were around when the British landed would he have convinced the Native Americans to build a wall to prevent the immigrants from coming here?

        As for gay marriage? How does “All men are created equal” sound? This was VERIFIED by a conservative SCOTUS as well……..you can’t blame Obama for that one – but if you WISH to blame him for WWI and WWII as well go ahead.

      • Vog46

        I apologize for the formatting of that last post it should read;

        From Snopes: Presidential executive orders
        Name……………………# “claimed:….ACTUAL #
        Theodore Roosevelt 3……….. 1,081
        Franklin Roosevelt …….11….. 3,522
        Harry Truman ……………5….. 907
        Dwight Eisenhower ……..2…… 484
        John Kennedy …………..4……. 214
        Lyndon Johnson ……4……. 325
        Richard Nixon …………..1……. 346
        Gerald Ford …………..3…… 169
        Jimmy Carter …………..3……. 320
        Ronald Reagan …….5…… 381
        George H.W. Bush …….3…… 166
        Bill Clinton …………15…… 364
        George W. Bush …..62……. 291
        Barack Obama ………..923…… 147

        remember that many executive orders are re-curing. Considering that Chris blames our President for everything including ALL 14M illegal immigrants who have come here over the DECADES – perhaps Chris should change the presidents name to OBlame-o.

        The truth can set you free……..

      • Christopher Meyers

        Vog climb down off your flimsy peach crate and accept a few facts yourself. Sure the Iran deal was voted on by a consortium, BUT in accelerating completely against the will and better judgement of the American people, the very few at the top supported the idea and threw the baby out with the bathwater! America DID NOT want that “deal”. That was an abomination and you damn well know it! That’s what the TRUTH is!
        Your divine candidate, Hitlarry is a liar, a crook , a thief, a foul-mouthed woman with questionable ties to several “unfortunate” yet convenient deaths. She is coated with Teflon, but it will eventually burn away, like those poor lost souls at Benghazi!
        Again, in this very state of NC alone which is QUITE typical of the other 49, 87% of the voters voted AGAINST gay marriage! That is an overwhelming majority, yet it was forced down our throats and against all Christian beliefs. Nobody wanted that Vog! There’s another FACT! Today’s politicians stand for THEMSELVES and anything that will stuff them and their families pockets full of money!!! Yet another fact and why your getting ready to see the “silent majority” come out of the woodwork and overwhelm the voting booths! Already the republican vote is exploding whle the democrats are staying home. Did you hear about the 20,000 voters that denounced the Mass. democratic party at the last minute? Only a mere pittance of what you’re going to see!
        And while I’m at it, I’d really like to thank Mitt Romney for his “awakening” of the American people! His speech and interviews this weekend have fully verified, comfirmed and chiseled in stone the level of fear and desperate nature of the current republican party!
        Just keep your little wisher a wishin’!!!

      • Vog46

        Chris Chris Chris….
        Hitlery is NOT my divine candidate but at least I don’t have to raise my arm in a Nazi salute for Trump !!!!!!!
        And for the record – most polling shows MOST Americans favor gay marriage, I KNOW that most N Carolinians DON’T but in your own childish way you REFUSE to accept the fact that our Founding Fathers knew more than the people in NC do today. This isn’t about gay sex – its about money. Particularly taxes. NC bases its taxes and its forms on what EVEYYRONE pays to the FEDs. So a hetero couple gets the marriage tax break. If a gay couple is allowed by FEDERAL Law to exist then NC cannot stop that and ANY state passing ANY law to impact this would be over ridden by any court. “All men are created equal” Chris. You swore to uphold the Constitution n- have you ever read it? Probably not as you fail to see this basic point of law.
        Discrimination of ANY kind for religious beliefs, political beliefs, race make up, gender make up is wrong wrong WRONG according to our own Constitution. Heck I don’t like it but I’m an American and I know that there are others out there that DON’T believe as I do but hey have the SAME RIGHTS that I have because they are AMERICANS Chris.
        A state cannot pass laws that discriminate against any group of people in the U.S. of A.
        Don’t like it? Leave. Let REAL Americans run this place. The ones that treach tolerance acceptance and freedom for all.
        Its what we were founded upon………….
        And you STILL haven’t disputed the figures from Snopes .
        Gee why am I NOT surprised? You have a problem with the TRUTH…..

      • Gruntlip McGerkan

        Leave Chris and guest45 to their allegiance to Trump as they stand in front of their TV sets and pledge to him when he clicks his heels. It apparently is the only thing they’ve got going on in their lives…so don’t keep dragging a dead mule around. What matters is what you believe in and not them. They’ll find out like the rest of America soon enough, when Trump’s kicked out of the GOP…with less than a minute to show time. What’s scary is the fact there will be rioting in some streets of America when this does happen…but you’re not part of it. Neither will Chris or guest45…but they’ll have a hardline moment of truth as to what Trump stands for…and start staring out their windows wondering who did they offend and if the Boogie Man is waiting.
        Let them be…arguing against their refusal to educate themselves is not your job.

      • Gruntlip McGerkan

        Vog…let me do it instead!!!

      • guest45

        don’t be so hard on X Uncle Donald now, you should be proud that he doesn’t fold under all the pressure, that’s the kind of man we will have to have in the oval office when all of Obama’s laws kick in, and Obama chose to time them for when he was out of office, it’s going to be a dandy.

      • Christopher Meyers

        Polls are not accurate, VOTES are! The vote PROVES directly opposite of your claim about gay marriage! The GLBT population only accounts for a mere 2% of the United States, so the remaining 98% had to face “changes” to accommodate a tiny minority. There is nothing in the US Constitution even coming close to addressing gay marriage. I can guarantee you that I’m am much more knowledgeable about the Constitution that will ever be in your best day. Do you also support “rights” being provided to pedophiles and rapists? They are already in coalition with a effort to gain such. And as any real leftist would say, “They are people too.”.
        I’ll tell you what this great country was founded on Vog! Unlike your rambling bucket of horse-sludge, this country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, a patriotic population of people that believed in a “true” Constitution without having to twist words to make whatever they want to fit. Being homosexual wasn’t even a consideration of the Constitution at that time and in my opinion, still isn’t. This country was also founded on the LEGAL immigration of people with the best interest of the Unites States of America in mind, a loyalty to the Constitution and a patriotic commitment. This country has never supported those that do not want to learn English, work hard, pay taxes and obey our laws. This country has never promoted the introduction of any person from any country with any hell-bent ideas of destroying the United States, any of it’s people or the denial of any of our laws!

        Now, before you attempt to further enlighten any of us with your supreme level of ignorance regarding the Constitution of the United State OR any amendment thereof, you had best take the time to study carefully, THEN read what you write before publishing!

      • Vog46

        So long as pedophilia is a criminal activity (which it is and should remain) then they won’t get my vote to get any :”rights”. And if you think that LG are pedophiles you need to do some learnin’ son.
        Remember this country was founded on freedom FROM religious persecution. There is no favoritism of one over another and can’t be. Our forefathers thought of that.
        I agree on legal immigration, but this isn’t what this is about and you know this,
        ‘If you happened to read up on the difference between immigration (both legal and illegal) and refugee admittance you’d see the difference . Syrian refugees are vetted, take assimilation classes and learn rudimentary English. There are scant few crimes committed by these folks. Of course the fact they’re mostly women and children is somehow lost on you.
        You want a dictator that his his minions rough up reporters, females and blacks and doesn’t want ANYONE to disagree with him.
        Might as well put on your brown shirt Chris ……….

      • Christopher Meyers

        Vog, again you present completely baseless arguments! Do you ever listen to the news? Haven’t you seen the criminal havoc that has been created all over Europe due to the Syrian refugees? Haven’t you been informed that the very reason we can’t accurately vett Syrians is because there’s nothing to vett? Even the Syrian government has insufficient records of their own people. Haven’t you seen the images of the immigrants proving that the majority are able bodied men with an extreme minority of women and children? Look at the news in Europe Vog, listen to the people there and attempt to understand their dire disgust over an effort to help people
        You are totally lost Vog and it’s the uninformed such as you that elected the current leader and actually want this fine country to endure more of it. You’re pretty handy with that “dictator” word lately and throw it around actively. Is that a new one you just found in the dictionary? Do you pronounce it with a lisp?
        Nah, my wants have nothing to do with a dictatorship. I just want a leader that has a pair and can turn this great country back into what it has fallen from, the same thing the newly awakened majority want…and WILL get!!! You crybabies just huddle up in a corner and keep each other warm, K?

      • Vog46

        It takes two years for a Syrian refugee to get here.
        Grow up, read a little .Learn how refugees get here and how immigrants get here you’ll see the difference.
        We are not Europe. We are America. Our laws WORK.
        Your paranoia will lead to the U.S. being led by a Hitler like figure.
        In YOUR case its a failed business man who hate women,. blacks, Mexicans Muslims and just about everyone else.
        You must have small fingers too because you’re definitely insecure……….

      • Vog46

        here’s YOUR MAN on immigration


        Congratulations you support a fraud and a criminal and a failed businessman.all rolled up into one.
        Would you vote for him if there was a D in front if his name Chris?
        There was for years?
        Would you? C’mon Chris answer the question would you or Gust45 vote for Trump if he had a D in front of his name?

      • Christopher Meyers

        If you consider Trump to be a “failed businessman”, you must have the self esteem of an ant in a crowded world of oversized elephants with the lack of success you’ve experienced! I mean, really Vog, you feel you’re the authority to judge Donald Trump? Really?
        I’ll vote for the candidate that I happen to believe can turn this country around and away from the socialistic, unguided and pathetic direction it is currently aimed. It matters nothing to me what appears in front of anyone’s name. D, R, I, AH, or SOB, got it? Myself, along with many millions of others are going to vote and eagerly anticipate the FINAL outcome…bottom line!
        Ohhh…and thank you for your congratulations, you’ll have more to give later, many more! In the meantime, allow me to continue to encourage you, “Keep your little wisher a’wishin’!” It ain’t much Vog, but it’s the only “hope” Obama has left you after 8 years of clown-work in the proverbial 2-ring circus of repubs and demos! That’s coming to an end.

      • Vog46

        can’t refute any information provided in the posts.
        Refuses to answer questions.
        Name calls the poster.

        Thats ALL you have Chris? Is that it?

        Would YOU or Guest45 vote for Drumpf if he had a D in front of his name?

        You both have a problem with honesty

      • Vog46

        Chris what part about we don’t discriminate don’t YOU understand?
        Criminal get prosecuted as pedophile should but you darned sure know that’s not what we’re talking about here but nice attempt at a misdirect.
        Our Constitution guarantees freedoms to all. Male female, black or white, Jew or Gentile, Muslim or Sikh, gay or straight, No there is NOTHING in the Constitution about protecting Jew or Gentile – but we protect ALL.
        Anything that diminishes that is discrimination and THAT is against our Constitution.
        Your Neo Nazi fear mongering Chris will be Trumps undoing………

      • Vog46

        one more thing. You called her Hitlery?:

        SNL just ran the funniest skit of all time (so far) regarding Trump supporters:


        If that link doesn’t work try this:

        That is VERY Funny………and scary

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