UNCW offering new Hawk Wheels Bike Share program


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Seahawks, are you tired of walking to class? If so UNCW is making it much easier to get around with a new program called “Hawk Wheels Bike Share.”

The program was created by Alternative Transportation Coordinator Nick Cannon in effort to reduce abandoned bicycles across the campus.

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“So we want to encourage cycling but we also want to discourage irresponsibly bicycle ownership. So this is a way for students and faculty and staff to be able to use a bicycle and enjoy cycling without the responsibility of owning one,” Cannon said.

Right now the university has four stations and 25 bicycles for students and staff to ride at their convenience.

“It’s really nice being able to not have a bike on campus, not having to worry about having a bike and getting it to and from home,” UNCW freshman, Michael Klienhandler said.

There are two different membership plans for the new program.

“One is called the point to point plan and that is completely free to sign up. And that provides users one hour of free time every day, then $2 an hour if they want to use the bicycle for longer. And our second plan is called the lifestyle plan and that’s $25 for the year,” Cannon said.

Besides saving you time getting to and from class, UNCW junior Andrea Jones says her favorite part about the new bikes is the look.

“My personal favorite part is that they are so school spirited. I think they look really cool,” Jones said.

By January UNCW will have a total of seven stations and 70 bicycles.

To learn more about the “Hawk Wheels Bike Share” program click here.