Benefits of cannabis showcased through Wilmington virtual reality company


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington business will soon launch a 360 degree platform educating and entertaining the cannabis community. It’s called Cannabis Virtual Reality Network or CVRN.

Founder Matt Dula spent five years in the Marine Corps. He was diagnosed with PTSD shortly after leaving. He said doctors wanted to treat the problem with prescription pill.

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“I knew there was a better way,” Dula said. “There has to be a better process than be on prescription pills for the rest of my life at 25 years old.”

He turned to cannabis as an alternative treatment.

“Cannabinoids that are derived from cannabis comprise of a 100 plus molecular structure and within these cannabinoids we have non psychoactiveones,” Dula said. “THC is the one that everyone know. That’s the one that will impair your cognitive abilities and there are others like CBD that will help you medically.”

Dula says he has found many benefits and has been working for the last year to share that information through his company Port City Dispensary. He is continuing to develop CVRN which is spreading the cannabis culture and it’s benefits through virtual reality technology.

“I can place you now into things that are currently off limits,” Dula said.

CVRN will offer virtual on-stage access during concerts, educational programs about cannabis, and political information on marijuana legalization.

“There is a lot of reasons North Carolina is and should be looked as one of the biggest cannabis powerhouses in our nation,” Dula said.

Dula say legalizing cannabis would bring money, jobs, medical assistance to the state. He says the hemp research pilot program is an step in the right direction to make that possible.

His virtual reality approach is one way he says will help get the state get closer to maybe one day legalizing cannabis for industrially and medically purposes.

The company will be subscription based and plans to launch the network in 2018.