Duke Energy Sutton plant is working on cleaning up coal ash


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Duke Energy has heard from their customers and from the state that they need to responsibly manage coal ash.

Duke Energy has been working for the past few years to transport the ash from the Sutton site in New Hanover County.

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They are shifting away from coal plants to natural gas.

Duke Energy Spokesperson Jeff Brooks said, “customers want increasingly clean generation of energy, they want reliable energy and they want it when they need it.”

There is a lot going on here behind the scenes at the Duke Energy plant and there is a fully lined landfill where they are going to be placing the remaining coal ash.

The plant is re-using about two million tons of the ash.

Five million tons will be stored on site in the fully lined landfill that is currently under construction.

It will allow the plant to keep the ash close to the site and move it further away from the water.

“To have that reliability takes investments and we’ve been making investments over the last few years to shift to cleaner sources of energy and to responsibly manage coal ash at our sites.”

Duke Energy is requesting an increase in customer rates.

“Every dollar spent is going to help provide cleaner more reliable energy everyday,” said Brooks.

Brooks also said they are making good strides as they move forward.

The request for customer rate increase will be made in June.