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Leonard Pocknett, Jr.
Leonard Pocknett, Jr. crying in New Hanover County Jail on May 31, 2017 and talking about his concern for his family and children as he and his son face murder charges. (Photo: Basil John/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A father facing the death penalty, and his 16-year-old son facing life in prison without parole. Now, for the first time, they speak out in a jailhouse interview.

Leonard Pocknett Jr. said this all stemmed over a fight that happened on May 10 on Myrtle Ave. in Wilmington. That’s when he says he hit Greg Gineman, 58, who was riding his bicycle, with his car. Pocknett Jr. says he got out to help him, but that’s when he says he got into an altercation with Gineman.

“I did not murder that man, I did not do it. I had no type of intent to do anything to that man, especially the cause of death,” Pocknett, Jr. said while sitting in the New Hanover County Jail. “The only thing I’m guilty of is defending myself and hitting him.”

Pocknett, Jr. and his son, Leonard Pocknett, III, are charged with Gineman’s murder.

Pocknett Jr. wants the public to know his son is not involved and was raised right.

“I want the people to know that my son is not a monster. That my son didn’t murder that man, either. That neither of us murdered him,” Pocknett Jr. said.

Pocknett, III, is shocked to be in the situation and doesn’t understand why he is facing these charges.

“I don’t get how I got life in prison, but I’m only a minor. I’ve never been in trouble before and that’s the only thing that went through my mind,” Pocknett, III, said.

The younger Pocknett says he wishes he wasn’t in jail right now.

“I don’t deserve to be here. I deserve to be in school. I deserve to be at work. I deserve to do everything else a sixteen-year-old usually does. I don’t want to be here. This is not where I want to spend the rest of my life,” he said.

Pocknett Jr. just wants to get out and see his whole family together.

“I’m gonna get my son out of this too cause I did not do this. I swear to you, I didn’t kill this man. But like I said, I gotta stand strong for my children and for myself, so I can make sure that they are going to be alright,” Pocknett, Jr. said.

We spoke to Gineman’s sister, who said he was a good person and wouldn’t hurt a fly.


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  • Mike

    Since Black on…Asian/White/Hispanic violent crime is now so common across the country these days, we sadly don’t even give it much thought anymore. This is just another example. Speaking the truth on this subject is now considered racist…so there’s a good chance (crazy as it sounds) even these comments might be censored…

  • J Wheeler

    I have been a lifelong friend of Greg, he didn’t deserve to go out like this. I’m certain he would rather be riding his bike and doing all the things in life he liked to do! Not an option for him now due to decisions this father and son made that night. If the son was raised right, why did you both flee? If it was self- defense, why continue to beat Greg when he was down? Were you so scare for your life you had to extinguish his? Just curious what action did Greg make to cause a man of greater physical size to be concerned for his safety? Why not make the call yourself, Why not turn yourself in? You had over a week to figure this out before you were arrested.

    Oh, and your son is an accomplice to this action which resulted in Greg’s death. You put your son in this situation.

    In this interview all I hear is they didn’t kill him. He was beat so violently and viciously that he inhaled his own teeth. Was on life support for almost 2 weeks before his death. Not one sign of regret for Greg and his family’s loss.

    Still waiting to hear the reason he was beaten. I can definitely hear the remorse in these two peoples voices. Oh wait a minute, the remorse isn’t for killing an innocent man, but for losing their freedoms.

    As for this news stations coverage, if anything was seen here, it is confirmed that an innocent man lost his life and 2 people should lose their freedom.

    Much Love out to the Gineman family…..Love You Greg

  • Heimie Schmelter

    Amazing! Nobody did nothing..he didn’t kill nobody…his son wasn’t involved. His son says, “I don’t wanna be here, I don’t deserve to be here, I should be in school.” Really? TOO BAD! You men beat another man so hard they found some of his teeth in his lungs! If I’ve ever see two blithering idiots in my life, it HAS to be these two!

    • Ðrịppÿ Kařtåņa

      My big brother was raised right there’s no evidence that my brother did it his father was guilty like he said my brother had no say or no do in this situation he’s not a monster or idiot my brothers 16 he never been in trouble in his life he’s a good kid who has respect for everybody my brother was clueless of what was happening and for what he was gonna face in the future I mean try being 16 and seeing your dad beat somebody and you know that you can’t get him off by yourself I mean seriously.

      • Heimie Schmelter

        Sounds like your simply admitting your father’s guilt for killing a man. They probably don’t want you to show up in court.

      • Cash Cashandthefurious

        He really is a good kid.

  • dmvasquez579

    I’ve known Lenny as a co-worker and friend. He was always nice and given me adivce. If he defended himself he did it for a reason. Lenny loves his family and would never do anything in front of his son that is wrong. I also met his son and I know that he has a good heart. His son is only 16 yrs old. He is too young to go to jail for life. One shouldn’t just read and notice the part where the guy died but more of what really happened that day. Their is more to the story than just saying “Lenny and his son assualted a man to his death”. Their are always going to be different versions of the story but sometimes the one that people don’t pay attention may be the one that is true.

    • Heimie Schmelter

      I’m not sure why a man the size of “Lenny” would have to defend himself against an injured bicyclist, so we’ll just let the judge and the jury figure that out. So tell us all Willis, do you also have excuses as to why Lenny has verifiable convictions for beating up women and willful destruction of property? His “…never would do…” demeanor already has….and just did it again…perhaps for the very last time!

      • Ðrịppÿ Kařtåņa

        Your mad disrespectful so you need to be quite because Lenny is a good kid and I’m his sister I know Lenny more then you do okay keep your mouth shut if you don’t know either of them my brother is innocent he’s not a monster get it through your thick skull.

    • Ðrịppÿ Kařtåņa

      Thanks that means a lot Lenny Jr. and his son Lenny III are good people if he defended him self there’s a reason for it but ik my brother Lenny III is innocent he was raised right by some very nice gentle parents he’s a very good kid with a big heart and bright future but as long as he keeps his head up and hopes for better he will be released soon and I know he will I have hope in him and hopefully Lenny Jr. Realizes that god has a plan for everybody and it may not be the best but god made it happen as long as they keep there head up there gonna be alright. I have sent Lenny III a letter I can give information if you want to send Lenny Jr. A letter as long as you have a facebook account or something I can contact you with for the address of the facility

      • Heimie Schmelter

        Yeah?…Lenny Jr. “…good people…”? He is a quite large fellow that has a criminal record for beating up women and destruction of property. What would you consider as “bad people”?

      • Keepingitreal

        Lenny is my friends son and this child doesnt have that kind of heart i no him you right he is a goodboy who wanted to work loves his family many times we are accussed by just simply being around that dont make u gulty ppl and news carry stuff toi far

      • Heimie Schmelter

        Facts are facts. A man was murdered, and it strongly appears that “good ol’ Lenny” is one of the peeps that did it. The judge and jury will figure that out in due time….for the both of them!

      • Cash Cashandthefurious

        Lenny senior as well!!! Good man

      • Danielle Soza Harmon

        I am so very sorry to hear about ALL parties (& their families) involved. This is a very tradgic time for everyone involved. However, the last thing that anyone needs is people like this Heimie Schmelter person haphazardly throwing people through the mud like that. And to just start throwing out someone’s past criminal record to the world because they are being detained is just downright disturbing in its own right. Unless you are the prosecuting attorney in this case… Maybe you should leave it to the professionals. As for the 16 yr old kid in this tradgic take… The best thing for him to do if his hands are clean, is to tell the entire truth about what happened no matter who it’s going to hurt, because he’s still a baby with his entire future ahead of him… PERIOD! As far as the families that have been devastated by this loss (on both sides) it’s probably safer to not read the comments bc of rude and ignorant trolls who think that the news is Gospel. We should know better than that, they put out what they think is going to spark more CONTROVERSY, and HATE! That’s when WE AS A NATION UNDER GOD as ONE should stand UNITED TOGETHER! There are always 3 sides to every story… theirs, yours, and the truth of course. MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t let people bring you to their level. Misery loves company, and you are the company that you keep. Do not give people like that the satisfaction of explaining yourself or your loved ones character, bc they are just looking for ways to rip it apart.
        *** Side Note***
        I just stumbled across this article 20 min ago and had No clue this had even happened!! I’m horrified and shocked. And my deepest condolences and prayers and thoughts and sympathies go out to BOTH FAMILIES! Because, yes sadly, when something like this happens someone loses their life forever, and someone else loses their life as well in other ways by the decisions they chose to make. I’m sure it still has to go ​to trial and all so they are not even guilty Heimie, so I don’t understand why you are being so cruel to their family members. I don’t know any single one person involved, but I saw the foul comments and thought… “Seriously? Someone has passed, a 16 yr old is looking at life in prison, and another man is looking at death, and this 1 person has nothing but all these horrible negative things to say? The world we live in truly is DISGUSTING! And it’s saddening,and I pray my 2 young girls never experience angry and sad people like you.” I really do wish everyone well on here , and I pray that everything works out for all of you. God bless you guys.

      • Heimie Schmelter

        My God! Give it a break and wipe away your alligator tears! An injured bicyclist was beaten to the point his teeth were found in his lungs and died from it! If you don’t like this “disgusting world” you live in, every day must be pure hell for you!
        As for your daughters, if you mother them properly and teach them ethics, responsibility, accountability and honor, they’ll have a much better chance of NOT winding up like these two murderers and you can be proud of them. Lay off the KUMBAYA horse-sludge and grow up out of being a mush-mouse! There is good and there is evil in this world, always has been…deal with it, don’t cry over it!

      • sharky788

        blah, blah, blah ! they thought they were going to get away with it dipstick ! i knew greg and in no way deserved this and you want to defend his killers…people like you are what is wrong with this world !

    • Mimi Rivera

      You are absolutely right, I know His 16 year old son he is a sweet kind person he is only a kid, he is freiends with my daughters and we all love him they. are good people

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