CFPUA board chairman’s July 17 GenX morning update

CFPUA Water Glass

Mike Brown, CFPUA Board chairman, will provide two daily updates—one morning and one afternoon—with information on activity surrounding GenX. Updates will be provided each weekday. Below please find Chairman Mike Brown’s morning update on DHHS’ updated risk assessment for GenX, tomorrow’s GenX forum hosted by the New Hanover Chapter of the National Black Leadership Caucus, today’s New Hanover County press conference, and CFPUA letters to DEQ and Chemours.

  • As released on Saturday, CFPUA learned late Friday of a new North Carolina DHHS Updated Risk Assessment for GenX. Based on that announcement, CFPUA will:
  • Intensify the Authority’s sampling for GenX in finished water, with sampling to be conducted daily to validate GenX concentrations in our finished water are consistently below 140 ppt. All results will be made available to the public via update and on our website.
  • Suggest our customers evaluate the NCDHHS advisory recommendations regarding GenX levels above 140 ppt. Our most recent finished water sampling results are:
    • June 26: 156 ppt
    • June 28: 120 ppt
    • June 30: 90 ppt
    • July 3: 55 ppt
    • July 5: 87 ppt
  • Seek the advice of NCDHHS concerning whether vulnerable populations should consider alternate sources of water for drinking and food preparation.
  • As a service to our customers, while our sampling program is underway and we are confirming GenX trends below 140 ppt, CFPUA is offering free water from a groundwater source. This water is treated at CFPUA’s nanofiltration plant. Residential CFPUA customers may fill their clean personal containers at New Hanover County’s Ogden Park near the tennis courts at 615 Ogden Park Drive. This will be available daily from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • Continue to update our website to promptly publish the results of our finished water.

We will continue to update the public on progress on the above items. For more information, visit our website.

  • CFPUA Executive Director Jim Flechtner will participate a GenX forum hosted by the New Hanover Chapter of the National Black Leadership Caucus tomorrow evening. CFPUA Chairman Mike Brown is also attending. The forum will be held at the New Hanover County Main Library in the New Hanover Room at 5:30pm on Tuesday, July 18.
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For more information, visit the event page.

  • New Hanover County will host a press conference today at 2:45pm at the New Hanover County Historic Courthouse (24 North Third Street) on the State’s GenX data and health assessment.

To view the County’s news release, click here.

  • CFPUA environmental counsel sent a letter to DEQ Secretary Michael Regan Friday to follow up on our June 19 letter and June 16 resolution. The additional GenX pollutants found being discharged by Chemours this week would have been found and halted weeks ago had DEQ promptly implemented the sampling program requested by CFPUA in our June 19 letter. We renewed all of the requests slated in that letter in today’s letter.

To read Friday’s full letter to DEQ, as well as the June 19 letter and June 16 resolution, click here.

  • CFPUA mailed a letter to Chemours Friday in response to a July 7 letter from Chemours to CFPUA. CFPUA is concerned that Chemours’ July 7 letter does not provide responses to the information CFPUA requested in a June letter to Chemours related to GenX and GenX Chemicals.

In addition, the revelation last week that Chemours continued to discharge GenX Chemicals into the Cape Fear River three weeks after Chemours stated they would “capture, remove, and safely dispose of wastewater that contains the byproduct GenX…” undermines any trust that CFPUA and the public might have for Chemours’ commitment to operate safely and responsibly on the Cape Fear River.

A copy of the full letter can be found here.

  • CFPUA encourages the public to check our website and social media channels for updates as this continues to unfold. We are committed to transparency, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you through the duration of this process.