Realtors find ‘slight impact’ of GenX on local housing market


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Since the GenX story broke two months ago, there have been many questions, including the impact the news would have on economic factors in the region.

That’s why Cape Fear Realtors surveyed its members, and found what it calls a “slight impact” on the area’s housing market.

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On June 28, Cape Fear Realtors asked its 2,270 members two questions:

  1. Have you had a buyer tell you they changed their mind about looking in the Wilmington market over the GenX news?
  2. Has your buyer canceled their contract on a home in the Wilmington area over the GenX news?

Of theĀ  113 members who responded, the survey found five buyers had canceled a contract, while 63 prospective buyers no longer want to purchase property in the area because of GenX.

Cape Fear Realtors says to put it into perspective, the five canceled contracts represent less than one percent of the 1,100 homes members sold in June.