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  • VoiceOfReason

    Doesn’t matter where you are on the political spectrum – vigilantism does not produce justice. If you want change, use the processes the law provides (challenge the law via the courts; lobby executive and legislative branch to change the law). Laws are the product of thoughtful debate, reasoning, and compromise; vigilantism is the product of emotionalism. What kind of society do you think functions best – mob rule or a nation of laws?

  • Heimie Schmelter

    It doesn’t matter if you take down every statue, every flag, destroy the Whitehouse, burn DC like they did Baltimore, topple and break every statue and plaque. These out of control, ignorant and violent entitlement recipients will simply find yet another topic to attack and destroy.
    Next: God, Morality, Honor, Family, Integrity, Life. Doesn’t leave very much does it? What will they do when those are gone?

  • Heimie Schmelter

    It’s clearly evident who needs to be charged with willful destruction of government property! Nothing like a camera and idiot in the same sentence. Sort of like “cluster” and “circle”.

  • Chance Nottaken

    Hey, let’s erase history by taking this statue down. I dont work so I have the time. There it’s down. Why are these white supremacists still here? I thought we took the statue down.

  • guest45

    this entire bunch of young people have absolutely no value to the future of this country, they are all lazy and fat and troublemakers, they have entered property that does not belong to them and vandalized property that does not belong to them, this is the “entiilement” group that can justify coming on your property and destroying your shrubbery because they do not like the shape of it, this is insane that these self entitled brats feel like they are free to vandalize, mutilate, and destroy property that does not belong to them, we have their pics, the law should have them all arrested before the end of the day or we know that the law only apply’s to one group of people, so let’s see how law enforcement handles this one.

    Each of those vandals needs a court record to follow them the rest of their lives so that future employers realize what a nutcase they are hiring!

  • 4Justice

    Lefties blithely breaking the law. Destroy anything they disagree with, rather than going through regular channels. Just another temper tantrum. Nothing new,

  • brucefl56

    They need to arrest the bunch of them, clearly full of hatred.

  • cheese101

    Criminally charge those involved and spend tax money to fix the statute.

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