Organization building home in just 30 hours


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Building a house in 30 hours sounds impossible, but that is exactly what one local organization is planning to do. In honor of it’s 30th anniversary, Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity is building it’s 195th home.

“I told them like, ‘I don’t know, 30 hours, 30 hours’,” future homeowner, Ashley Beatty said.

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A house built in only 30 hours has Beatty a little on edge.

“I’m a little nervous, but I have faith in them,” Beatty said.

Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity is teaming up with Stevens Fine Homes, Episcopal High School, dozens of sponsors, and nearly 100 volunteers to complete this project.

It is a project that will change both Beatty and her 7-year-old son’s lives.

“It’s something that I always, you know, wanted to do. I always told myself by 30, 35, I’m going to be a homeowner with a yard. You know, it’s just something I always wanted to do so I worked hard for it,” Beatty said.

The structure of the home has been laid out for the most part, but the official building will begin Thursday morning at 7 a.m. It has been a long road for Beatty, but her dream is about to come true in a matter of hours.

“I’m just ready to sit on my porch and, you know, enjoy the breeze out in the country area,” Beatty said. “But I’m gonna be very excited about it.”

Beatty’s new home is expected to be finished by Friday at 1 p.m.