Container village opens up in Wilmington’s Cargo District


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Wilmington’s newest office park is open for business and it looks unlike any the city has had before.

Coworx Enterprises unveiled their new shipping container village off 17th and Queen Street turning an old building into an artistic office environment.

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The company brought in two shipping containers and turned them into individual office spaces as well as open air office spaces. The village will also include a food truck park.

The company says the spaces are open to rent to any entrepreneurs or small businesses a who want a different kind of office space.

“The way people work has changed,” says company owner Bryan Kristof. “I mean the technology has changed it’s enabled people to go remotely and so I think they are looking for something a little more creative. They want to be in an environment with like minded people instead of kind of the cubicle farm.”

The property owner helped out with the project bringing in and constructing the shipping containers to fit office standards. In all, the space houses dozens of desks and rental offices.

Kristof says several retailers are expected to come in around the beginning of 2018.