Actions around H2Go frozen, construction on reverse osmosis plant haulted


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The battle over the future of H2Go and its plans for a reverse osmosis plant were in a Brunswick County courtroom Wednesday morning. After the judge’s ruling, many were confused until the judge clarified where things stand for now.

The judge froze everything in place.

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“H2Go and the town of Belville are going to have to come together. And make sure that the operating agreement still is carried out. Because no one wants a customer to be concerned about their services,” Belville Rep., Mike Mcgill said.

This means last month’s surprise decision by the H2Go board to turn over assets to Belville remains, construction of the reverse osmosis plant is suspended and Belville must refrain from interfering with H2Go.

Additionally, the judge also extended the operating agreement between H2Go and Belville past January 31.

“That was kind of the date that everything had to be handed over by. By extending that deadline now this can move through the courts without putting, I guess you could say an undue burden on the Town of Belville and having to work out the approvals with the LGC or with the bond transfer,” McGill said.

It’s a decision some commissioners agreed with.

“H2Go will be able to continue operating to provide clean water for the customers. I was also very happy to hear that the work on the reverse osmosis
plant is being suspended for the time being,” Trudy Trombley, H2Go commissioner, said.

When it comes to H2Go customers, everything stays the same.

“Their services won’t change and their rates won’t change,” McGill said.

At the end of the hearing attorneys from both sides made it clear this would not be the last time they would meet. However, no future court date is set.

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