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H2GO customers share frustration over potential costs of county reverse osmosis plant

A majority of the commission spoke carefully about the county RO test results and report. Customers did not hold back.

Actions around H2Go frozen, construction on reverse osmosis plant haulted

The battle over the future of H2Go and its plans for a reverse osmosis plant were in a Brunswick County courtroom Wednesday morning. After the judge's ruling many were confused until the judge clarified where things stand for now.

Millions at stake in H2GO vote

Election day is less than a week away and one of the hottest races is in Northern Brunswick County. The reason, H2GO's Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant. The plant hasĀ been a controversial debate for years.

H2Go proposed Reverse Osmosis plant creating political divide

Not everyone is on-board with H2Go's plan to build its Reverse Osmosis plant, it is a hot topic that has stirred up controversy across Brunswick County for years.
Drinking watervideo

Brunswick County water company drafting advisory for its customers about GenX

While questions still need to be answered about the GenX contamination of the Cape Fear River, one local water company is exploring the option of telling its customers to avoid drinking the water.

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