Mother of murdered son seeks closure as another tragedy strikes


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One mother continues to search for answers. Her 20 year-old son was found dead three years ago today and on the anniversary of his death, she is making sure his unsolved murder isn’t forgotten.

“Why, just why? My whole life I’ve lost my momma in between my two kids,” mother Jennifer Hatcher said.

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Hatcher a mother mourning the loss of now her only two children.

“I never dreamed it,” Hatcher said. “I wouldn’t wish it on nobody.”

On top of dealing with the loss of her son Dillon, she also lost her daughter Kimberly a few months ago.

Hatcher said her daughter was grief stricken by her brother’s death. Although the autopsy hasn’t come back, Hatcher believes her daughter may have turned to drugs to cope with the pain of losing her brother.

Hatcher’s daughter used to help with Dillon’s yearly vigil and now has become a part of it. Hatcher said she spread her daughter’s ashes on the same tree where her son’s body was found.

“This is my first time I’ve always been here, but she’s always took care of everything and did everything,” Hatcher said.

The morning mother said both of her children were very close and she has questions as to what happened the night her son died.

“Did he suffer? Did he just die, why? He wasn’t a mean person,” Hatcher said.

Dillon was shot, killed and found on December 27th 2014 near at tree at Greenfield Lake Park. A place Hatcher visits often and where she held the vigil.

But her sons killer is still unknown.

“Please give me some closure. Everything else has been took from me, give me that at least,” Hatcher said.

As the vigil honored both Hatcher’s son and daughter, friends came to remember and pay respects to the loved ones they lost.

“I do feel like if he was still here with us we would still have both Kimberly and Dillon. We wouldn’t have to do this celebration ya know, but we do it for that reason to keep them with us and keep them in our memories,” family friend Samaria Delts said.

Hatcher said now both Dillon and Kimberly can be at peace together, because Dillon’s ashes were also spread at the memorial site.

She also said she doesn’t want to leave Wilmington until she gets those answers about what happened to her son.