Hampstead library, Pender Co. DSS building damaged by flooding


HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — The Hampstead branch of the Pender County Library is now dealing with damage to its carpeting after a frozen pipe burst.

Assistant County Manager Chad McEwen says it happened during the snow storm and the period of bitterly cold temperatures earlier this month.

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A spigot on the outside of the west end of the building burst and flooded about 25 percent of the carpeted floor.

The County is working with its insurance company to help pay for replacement carpeting.

“The problem was the prolonged length of time that it was cold, ended up popping these pipes and then it thawed out, you see you got leaks. That’s what happened here as well as the DSS building in Burgaw,” said McEwen.

The Department of Social Services building in Burgaw also had flooding from frozen pipes in the fire suppression system.

Damage at both buildings will be covered by a single $10,000 deductible.