Town Manager: Would like to see Freeman Park back open by Tuesday


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) – The state is stepping in after town officials on Carolina Beach had to close Freeman Park.

The town closed the park for all vehicle traffic Wednesday.

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This after a private property owner planted sea oats for dune restoration with fencing that encroaches on the historic public lanes used to access campgrounds. The town says the state has issued the property owner a violation.

CAMA, the State Division of Coastal Management, gave the land owner until Monday afternoon to remove the fence.

Town manager Michael Cramer made it clear in the Freeman Park committee meeting Thursday that he would reopen the park to vehicles as soon as the fencing was out-of-the-way of the lanes. He said hopefully the park will be ready to reopen for traffic, at the very latest, by Tuesday.

“Please don’t shut this down,” said Syndy Kevitz who helps organize and takes part in Jeep fundraisers on the beach in Freeman Park. “Families and friends, community members, there’s benefits that raise money when we go out there and have fun. Hopefully there’s lessons on both sides.”

If the private property owner does not remove the fencing, the town says the state could take legal action to have the fencing removed off of the lane.