‘Any change is good change’ Students hold town hall on gun violence


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Students, community members, and some representatives participated in a town hall on gun violence.

“It’s ridiculous to hear all of us to come together as one,” student organizer Jimmy Willis said.

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Students who organized the March for Our Lives Rally in Wilmington are now behind a town hall to continue the conversation on how to reduce mass shootings, gun violence and school safety.

“It has to be open conversation because if one side is just being pushed, and pushed, and pushed then nothing will be accomplished because you’ll never hear the other side. So that’s what this has to be tonight,” Willis said.

The organizers invited representatives to be a part of their town hall so they could openly ask questions.

“I think it’s really important to talk to our representatives about this because we need to let them know and they need to let us know what they are voting for, what we want and we are voting for them to vote for what we want,” student organizer Kathryn Conlon said.

One goal was to get others to listen and work toward solutions.

“Hopefully there’s some minds changed, some laws thought of or put into place or just any change is good change,” Willis said.

After the students spoke, the floor was open for people to ask the representatives their questions. But overall, the young leaders said they were glad to see others listen to them.

“There is always going to be a good thing in both sides, but then you have to take the good things and put them together and come up with a compromise. Then that’s where you’re going to get your new beginnings,” Willis said.

The students invited Representative David Rouzer to come to the town hall but he did not. WWAY reached out to Rouzer multiple times for comment and still have not heard anything from him.