Rep. Ted Davis faces first challenger in seven years for District 19


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As North Carolina’s primary elections draw closer, the candidates for NC House 19 are getting ready.

It’s a race between two republicans. Representative Ted Davis is a longtime occupant of the seat and the new kid on the block, Hunter Ford.

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Ford is new to the political game but believes the seat needs a new representative and he says he is perfect for it. However, it’s tough for him to challenge the seven years Davis has under his belt as the representative. Both candidates have a strong focus on the importance of business and local economies.

“We can have more jobs here. We need more business. As a business man, as a job creator for the last fifteen years here in Wilmington, where are all these people going to work that are supposed to come in the next six to 10 years with our population doubling? We need more industry,” Ford said.

“Trying to address distressed counties in North Carolina in dire straights as far as economic development and just trying to have North Carolina be very proactive in getting businesses here and having a good sound economy so that we can have jobs and people can be employed. Make money, spend money,” Davis said.

Davis also says he will also have a big focus on the environment when it comes to Gen-X and other pollutants, while Ford is a major proponent for offshore drilling and believes the creation of job opportunities would be great for the area. Both candidates also believe the film industry needs continued support.