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Documents claim McVicker’s campaign directed cash payments to Dowless

New information tonight about the connection between Bladen County's sheriff and the man named as a person of interest in a state probe into potential election fraud in Bladen County.

Bill requires 9th District primaries if there’s new election

A state Republican Party leader says an affidavit alleging a county's early-vote totals were shared improperly would be grounds alone for a new election in an unsettled congressional race in southeastern North Carolina.

Bladen County elections board vice-chair resigns

The vice chair of the Bladen County board of elections has issued his letter of resignation claims his family was subject to 'drama' ongoing in the elections.

NCGOP leader praises media for work on Bladen County election story

It's not unusual for the news media to be openly criticized by political leaders and even labeled "fake news." But at least when it comes to recent reporting on questions about possible election fraud in Bladen County, the leader of the North Carolina Republican Party is handing out compliments.

US House candidate Harris owes $34K to scrutinized consultant

A new filing shows the Republican candidate in North Carolina's unresolved congressional race owes $34,000 to a consultant that's been subpoenaed in a ballot fraud probe.

Lawmakers request bipartisan task force, question capability of Elex Board

Senators place some blame on the State Board of Elections. They demand a bipartisan task force step in to investigate the 9th Congressional district race

Dan McCready withdraws concession in House race amid fraud allegations

Democrat Dan McCready is withdrawing his concession in a North Carolina congressional race where investigators are probing allegations of election fraud.

Republicans, Democrats disagree on election fraud investigation in Bladen County

Republicans and Democrats continue to disagree on how to properly investigate voting irregularities in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District.

Voter ID implementing bill finalized, heads to governor

The North Carolina General Assembly has finalized legislation implementing the voter photo identification mandate approved in a statewide referendum last month.

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