Pender County neighborhood collects nearly $800 in tolls from drivers

A resident of Cedar Landing and Creek Estates near Surf City collects a toll from a driver (Photo: Justin McKee/WWAY)

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Despite a few calls made to 911 and one person being hit by a driver, a neighborhood says the toll they enforced on their private road did its job to reduce the number of cars cutting through their neighborhood.

On Friday, residents in the Cedar Landing and Creek Estates neighborhood closed their private road and began enforcing a toll.

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Those who came through and tried to use the road as a shortcut to Surf City had to pay $5.

The group running the toll this weekend said they made $800, but not without some issued.

They had to call 911 seven times to remove drivers and on Sunday, one driver hit a volunteer and their car.

A police report was filed as a result.

The group says overall, the toll did its job to reduce the impact of cars on the private road.

People who live in the neighborhood have to pay to maintain the road, which is riddled with potholes. Neighbors formed a road maintenance organization to fix the issues, but say the extra traffic make it difficult to maintain the road with the limited funds they have.

The Pender County Sheriff’s Office says there are no laws prohibiting residents from charging a toll because it is a private road.