Chops Deli needs to raise six figures in three days or they may have to close


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A long time staple in Downtown Wilmington could close down due to a hefty loan debt.

Chops Deli announced they will be closing their locations unless they can payback a six figure loan they took out about eight months ago.

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“Without some serious help by the middle of this week, the doors will be closed,” Chops Deli co-owner Brad Corpening said.

Corpening says it’s been difficult paying back the loan while keeping the business afloat.

“That repayment has constituted such a big portion of our weekly sales, that I’m not able to keep up with the expenses of running the business,” he said.

Corpening says they started an online fund and have been trying other methods to raise the money needed.

“We have to try everything to try and save the business or- if we leave any stone unturned then, what if we had tried that last strategy that could have saved the business,” Corpening said.

Plenty of people have come out to the restaurant since the announcement to show their support because they don’t want to see it go.

“You know, the culture. The owner is in here all the time and he’s always trying to make sure that everyone’s got everything they need so, just like I said, it’s a shame. Really is,” customer Brandon Hawkins said.

The deli now sits on the chopping block, unless is can raise that $100,000 come Wednesday, but that will only go to the downtown location.