Brunswick Nuclear Plant shutting down

Brunswick Nuclear Plant in Southport. (Photo:

SOUTHPORT, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Brunswick Nuclear Plant, four miles inland in Southport, N.C., is currently in the path of Hurricane Florence. Based on forecasts, we anticipate the plant site will experience sustained hurricane force winds and, per our procedures, operators are systematically shutting down both units.


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Well-trained, experienced operators and other station employees will remain on-site throughout the storm, continuously monitoring both wind and rainfall, as well as plant equipment. Our operators are skilled at managing events, such as extreme weather, safely shutting down the generating units, and maintaining the units in a safe state until conditions allow for their return to service.


Nuclear power plants have multiple and diverse layers of protection, including numerous mobile emergency pumps and electrical generators for backup power. This provides the capability to deal with events that might go beyond previously experienced events or the recorded history for the region.


We remain in constant communications with local, state and federal officials regarding the status of the plant, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, with inspectors on-site, remains informed of our plans regarding plant shutdown.


Personnel at our other Carolinas nuclear plants have initiated storm procedures and preparations, and continue to monitor the status of the storm.