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‘God knew:’ North Carolina church donates 7,000 masks found in storage

Cape Fear Valley Medical Center received some vital medical supplies, as medical masks become scarcer nationwide amid COVID-19 concerns.

Elizabethtown approved for more than $5.2M to repair cemetery

The State of North Carolina and FEMA have approved more than $5.2 million to reimburse an Elizabethtown cemetery following Hurricane Florence-related damage.

Coronavirus delays Hurricane Florence repairs

A viral pandemic is now affecting victims of a natural disaster.

Families must evacuate FEMA trailers by Friday or pay rent on it

It's been a year and a half since Hurricane Florence slammed into our coast, but many are still rebuilding.

Cape Fear man asks community to help Nashville rebuild

Greg Lovell, who helped rebuild the Cape Fear after Hurricane Florence, is now working to help areas in Tennessee that were devastated by two EF 3 tornadoes.

Progress on Boiling Spring Lakes dam reconstruction, long road ahead

Leaders in Boiling Spring lakes are making progress on dam reconstruction.

Brunswick historic site to fully reopen following hurricanes and arson

Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson Historic site plans to open this weekend in time for the 155th anniversary of the fall of Fort Anderson.

Free trees to Wilmington area residents affected by Hurricane Florence

500 trees will be given to Wilmington area homeowners on Saturday, February 15.

Car submerged in Burgaw floodwaters after driver veers off road

Flooding in Pender County left at least one road impassable, and a car underwater.

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