The latest update on Boiling Spring Lakes conditions

An aerial view of the big lake in Boiling Spring Lakes on Sept. 17, 2018, after a dam breach emptied it during Hurricane Florence. (Photo: WTVD)

BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief shared the following update on what current conditions are like.

-As of 12:45 p.m. Wednesday, 60 percent of the town’s residents have water.

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-A conference call will be held at 1 p.m. with an update on numbers.

-According to Duke Energy, power should be restored by Sunday at 11:45 p.m. All residents of BSL are Duke customers and not BEMC.

-All roads are passable with the exception of two breaches in the road on Boiling Spring Road and South Shore Drive.

-As for rebuilding the dam, that will likely take months to years to rebuild.

The update below is from Tuesday evening.

Water –  Today the County restored water service to the south side of the lake.  During the 1 pm conference call today County Utilities announced that main line along the railroad tracks on Alton Lennon appears to have survived the dam breach and working with MOTSU that they may energize the line tomorrow and start bringing on portions of the north side of the Big Lake.  No schedule announced but plenty of County Utility trucks in town today.

Power –  During the 1 pm conference call today Duke Power representative announced that “…all power will be restored to Brunswick County residents by 11:46 pm Sunday..”.

Water/Supplies – US Army and National Guard mobilized and began deliveries by air of supplies to Spring Lake Park and South Brunswick today.  Those deliveries will continue for the foreseeable future.

Pumping – Public Works began pumping on Holly/Redwood and Pinecrest today and will continue 24/7 until water is down.  As a side note the area over the tracks that I thought would be whipped out actually fared very well.  Very little flooding other that Pinecrest and that was not even bad.

Road Access – Phillips Enterprise completed city wide cutting of trees out of roadways.  Only trees left across roads were for safety purposes due to road washouts to not allow traffic to run into trouble.  City public works will take care of those as we begin filling up washouts around the city.

Road Washouts – Quarry’s reopened today and we were able to get material delivered and begin road repairs around the city.  We have numerous washouts alongside roads that we have coned off and will over the immediate future be filling and and repairing.

Stabilization of Sanford Dam – NCDEQ Dam Safety contacted the City today to inquire about stabilization efforts for what is left of Sanford Dam to avoid any additional problems to MOTSU railroad tracks.  At this point our consulting engineer Terracon has taken the point in talking with NCDEQ on this matter and is working with Scott Garner at ECO to see what the county can do in this effort.  I mention this just to bring it to your attention at this time cause I’m sure we will be hearing more.  All costs that we may incur will be FEMA reimbursement eligible.  Just got a call from Army Corp of Engineers and will be having a meeting with some Colonel tomorrow about subject.

City Hall Office Hours – City hall will be remained closed Wed-Fri for normal administrative functions.  Both City Hall and Police Department non-emergency calls are being answered 7 am to 7 pm daily to provide information to the public.  I’m still trying to get answer to when internet service via Spectrum will be restored to the City with no luck.  Now that cellular service was restored we are able to handle essential work via cellar service via “hot spot” from a MiFi.  Payroll was processed to day for Thursday for pay to city employees.

  1. Boiling Spring Road – NCDOT was back out today with their consulting engineering firm examining the damage to their road.

Debris Removal  – Met with P&J and they performed an assessment of the city to determine what they will need to deploy to perform storm debris pickup.  We are still TENTATIVLEY looking at the week of October 8th for the first of two pickups but IF power and water are truly restored by Monday of next week to most of the City we may move it up since debris is already starting to pile up.

Trash Pickup – Waste Industries is planning on starting their normal routes tomorrow so HOPEFULLY they will be in BSL next Tuesday for normal pickup.