Some voters scramble to find new polling site


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Some Pender County voters were assigned a new polling place. The Board of Elections said the Middle Holly precinct was damaged during Florence.

“We kind of thought we’d have more but maybe as the day goes on we will have more people here,” said Election Campaigner Judi Seymour.

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Judi Seymour started campaigning at the Maple Hill Fire Department, when the polls opened at 6:30, Tuesday morning. She said the traffic has been slow and steady but, much of it has been voters confused about where to go.

One Pender County resident said a change in polling place was not going to impact his ballot.

“I wanted the chance to vote, and I want my vote to count,” said Pender County Resident Edwin Schwinn.

Edwin Schwinn has been voting in Pender County for 20 years. He said this election has a lot of meaning to him.

“Being a retired military, I am concerned about our military, strengthening our military, strengthening our country,” said Schwinn.¬† “All those things are important in this particular election”

The site’s Chief Judge said she did not expect the change in location to bring that many additional voters.

Just miles down the road, the polls were much busier Tuesday morning at the Pender County Cooperative Extension.