WATCH: Rouzer talks border wall support on House floor


As the government shutdown continues, southeastern North Carolina’s voice in the US House expressed his support of President Trump’s border wall.

Earlier this evening Rep. David Rouzer (R-7th District) spoke about the border wall on the floor of the US House.

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During his speech Rouzer said there was no doubt “our nation is in the midst of a humanitarian and national security crisis at our southern border.”

The Republican spoke about the dangers of criminals coming across the border, as well as human trafficking and drugs. He said the impacts are felt all the way here in southeastern North Carolina.

“A barrier in the right places makes a lot of common sense,” Rouzer said. “The president is asking for a little more than 230-some square miles of steel barrier out of more than 2,000 miles of border. This shouldn’t even be a debate. Gimme a break.”

Rouzer said he is proud to stand with the president in securing the border. He also called on Democrats to come to the table to negotiate.

You can hear Rouzer’s full comments in the video above.