Sunset Beach Mayor Greg Weiss announces resignation

Dr. Greg Weiss was sworn in as Sunset Beach Mayor October 1, 2018. (Photo: town of Sunset Beach)

SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Sunset Beach Mayor Greg Weiss announced his resignation at Monday Night’s Town Council meeting.

During a meeting Monday night, Mayor Greg Weiss announced he would be resigning effective at 5 p.m. today.

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“Sometimes in working together, people see things differently,” Weiss said. Sometimes, one or more of those people may feel that a process has worked in a way that makes them so uncomfortable that they feel a need to take action. I’m taking this opportunity to announce that I am resigning as mayor.”

Sunset Beach Town Clerk Lisa Anglin confirmed the Weiss plans to leave but would not comment further. She said he was sworn in as mayor in October 2018 to replace Robert Forrester.  Forrester resigned after the controversial decision by the town council, to fire the town’s administrator.

A video posted on the town’s Youtube channel shows Weiss making his announcement.

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Benton will assume responsibilities of the mayor.

The town council has a regular meeting scheduled for Feb. 19. Anglin was not sure if the town council would place the Mayor’s departure as an item for discussion on their agenda at this meeting.

Weiss sent WWAY a statement about his resignation:

“I truly love Sunset Beach. Being mayor gave me a terrific opportunity to learn more about the community and about coastal issues. In seeking the position, I was aware of the many wonderful aspects of Sunset Beach, and I was aware of some serious divisions within the community. I have worked as hard as I can to try to improve things, and I believe we have made some progress. There are some good initiatives in place and hopefully more are coming.

However, I am extremely uncomfortable with the process by which some recent decisions have been made, and I am very disappointed with the continuing resistance to trying to work together in the best interest of Sunset Beach. It will take me some time to fully process my experience. At some future date, I hope to share my thoughts in a way that will be constructive for the community.”