Mark Harris’s son calls McCrae Dowless ‘shady,’ says he always doubted him


RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — Day three of the 9th Congressional District hearing has wrapped up. Mark Harris’ son was the final one to take the stand Wednesday.

John Harris had quite a lot to say in his testimony. He shed a lot on what was going on behind the scenes of his father’s campaign.

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While he said he did not have much to do with the campaign itself, he had his suspicions about McCrae Dowless.

“I’ve heard about this McCrae guy,” said John Harris. “It seems to me like he could be kind of a shady character. Are you sure that everything that he’s saying he’s going to do, that he’s going to actually do?”

John Harris recalls a conversation he had when he found out that Dowless would be part of his father’s campaign. He made it clear in his testimony Wednesday that he had reservations about Dowless ever since the 9th District Congressional race in 2016.

“My understanding of the way McCrae was going to be paid was differently from everything that has been discussed,” said John Harris.

He called Dowless shady. John Harris says he had no idea that Dowless was operating an illegal absentee ballot scheme.

John Harris eventually said he came to find out that he was unfortunately right about all those concerns in 2016. He said he had been suspicious since someone on his father’s campaign in 2016 indicated that there may have been ballot scheming.

“He told me that someone in his campaign staff, or someone there on election night, indicated that there was someone down in Bladen County who was focused on absentee ballots for Mr. Johnson, and that’s why these results seemed to be so off,” said John Harris.

After hours of testimony, John Harris said he loves his mother and father, but he would have done things differently throughout the campaign.

Mark Harris will take the stand Thursday morning.