New engines “roll-in” to the fire station


WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — And the tradition continues, Wilmington Fire Department christened a new engine this afternoon at a “roll-in” ceremony. Crews, residents and city officials rallied around the rear of the old engine, pushed it out of the station and then pushed in the new one.

Engine 3 will be housed in Station 3 located off Cinema Drive. The engine contains a more efficient pump, front suspension, diesel engine, electrical system, generator, LED light and siren package, and front and side air bars.

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Deputy Fire Chief John Mason described it as a holistic effort to increase public safety.

“The new cab design makes the inside of the cab so much quieter,” Mason said. “Not only does it prolong your hearing, but it also creates much more calm atmosphere inside the cab so people can talk to one another and not have to yell because of the noise.”

Mason says the newly equipped truck is worth $639,000.

Fire Headquarters also ushered in a new 2019 Pierce Velocity fire truck.

Mason says, within 3 years, all the city’s engine front-line apparatus should be fairly new.

He says the previous engines were about 18 years old, but will remain as a reserve engine.

“Say a front-line engine like this one needs to go in a shop for an oil change or regular maintenance, then the crew that was on this apparatus would actually get on a reserve and then they would be on that truck until this one was available,” Mason said.