Seen more dragonflies lately? This may be why!


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — If you’ve seen more dragonflies around lately, you’re not alone and the reason for the increase may surprise you.

Carolina Beach State Park Superintendent Chris Helms says dragonflies lay their eggs in fresh water and it can take a year or more before the larvae develop into adults. This means the record rainfall our area received last year could be a significant factor in the larger population we are seeing now.

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Helms also says people have reported seeing more dragonflies since Hurricane Dorian hit our area and there’s a reason for that too.

“When they came out after the storm, we’ve had these nice sunny days, warm days, perfect for butterflies and dragonflies,” Helms said. “The dragonflies are voracious eaters, they’re predators, so they come out hungry and ready to sort of help us fight mosquitoes. So a lot of folks may not like mosquitoes, but you should be fans of dragonflies and damselflies because they catch and eat a lot of mosquitoes.”

He adds several species of dragonflies and some butterflies are also migrating through our area right now.