Animal-free circus? NC city council being asked to ban wild animals for entertainment


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — Your family’s fun time at the circus may be permanently changing. Charlotte City Council is being asked to consider banning wild animals for entertainment.

In the parking lot at Northlake Mall, there’s already one company that’s on the wave of a no-animal circus – and shows start on Thursday.

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There are so many people whose hearts break to see animals perform for a few laughs or a few claps, but this circus seems to have found a way to bring in revenue and family fun without having to handle lions, tigers or bears.

How things are run at Cirque Italia could possibly be the new normal for any circus that comes to town. The animal-free zone is the new age for circus acts.

“A high-quality show that’s very different than what everybody has seen in the past,” said Corissa Fusco who is a part of the performance.

During the act, you can see her become a highflyer who twists and twirls in the air. At Cirque Italia there’s also a waterworks and light show, plus clowns.

“Acrobatics, contortion, juggling, a lot of aerial arts in this show,” Fusco added.

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