Four local counties could discuss becoming Second Amendment sanctuaries


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Counties across the nation have started declaring they will not follow certain gun laws, and now some in the Cape Fear want to follow suit.

There are discussions about making four of our local counties gun sanctuaries. What does it mean to become a second amendment sanctuary?

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“It’s basically saying that if there is any federal gun control measures that are created or state for that matter, that the county would not be allowed to use any resources of the county to help implement these gun control measures,” says owner of Flytrap Firearms Training Cameron Purser.

About a year ago, Pender County Commissioners considered a similar resolution, but it faced a lot of pushback from the community.

“It’s kind of a pointless, useless resolution, but again as I say, it divides,” said former Pender County Democratic Chair Debbi Fintak in a March 2019 interview.

At the time, some, like Fintak, argued there were no laws aiming to take away guns.

“It’s just not helpful at this time with all the political tension in this country,” Fintak said.

The resolution was tabled, but as legislation advances in Virginia, which would allow authorities to take away guns from people deemed as dangerous, Purser wants to make sure North Carolina doesn’t follow suit.

That’s why he started a petition for the county to reconsider.

“We just want to be able to keep this right for not only ourselves but our future generations,” he says. “I have a son who I’m going to teach about firearms and firearm safety, and his rights. And I want to be able to say that I helped preserve those rights.”

Similar petitions have been started in New Hanover and Brunswick Counties, receiving hundreds of signatures in a matter of hours.

In Columbus County, Representative Brenden Jones is asking commissioners to consider a similar resolution.

“After talking to many of the folks here and several elected officials, we felt that this was a good way to help the citizens know that we’re going to stand for their rights,” Jones says.

Purser says he plans to take his petition to Pender County Commissioners when it has enough signatures.