Immunocompromised during COVID-19 pandemic? Advice from local doctor


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — During the Coronavirus pandemic those who are immunodeficient or have other at-risk disorders have much to fear.  Dr. LeShonda Wallace says it is a time for vigilance and concern.

Dr. Wallace is an HIV care provider and the Executive Director of SEEDS of Healing.  She says patients with blood disorders, HIV, cancer patients, transplant patients and many others should be taking extreme caution during this time.

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“Washing hands is the most important thing to do,” she says, “but also avoid any type of crowd and stay away from people.”

She also advises friends and co-workers to keep their distance and to help patients with activities and chores that might put them at risk.

You can get more advice from Dr. Wallace, including some myths to avoid, by clicking here.