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Friday, May 7, 2021
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Tag: Seeds of Healing

Group holds community drive for feminine products at UNCW

A group behind a campaign aiming to raise awareness of poverty is collecting donations of new, unopened boxes of feminine hygiene products to give to those in need in Wilmington.

Immunocompromised during COVID-19 pandemic? Advice from local doctor

During the Coronavirus pandemic those who have immunodeficient or have other at-risk disorders have much to fear.  Dr. LeShonda Wallace says it is a time for vigilance and concern.

Seeds of Healing wants ILM to #thinkred for HIV and AIDs awareness

Seeds of Healing, Wilmington held it's second annual "Think Red" event to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

HIV Survivor: HIV/AIDS “is not a death sentence”

December 1 marked the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. It is the international day of AIDS awareness and a day to remember those lost to the disease.

What you need to know on World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. The day brings awareness to the disease and how it can be prevented and treated.

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New Hanover County Teacher of the Year finalists notified

Today marks the end of teacher appreciation week across North Carolina. Here in the Cape Fear, teachers were notified of their nomination for New Hanover County teacher of the year. 

Bar owner arrested for fake vaccination cards

The owner of a Northern California bar was arrested on suspicion of selling made-to-order fake COVID-19 vaccination cards to several undercover state agents for $20 each in what officials said Friday is the first such foiled operation they are aware of nationwide.

Cowabunga! More than 800 turtles rescued from storm drains

Hundreds of baby turtles have been rescued from storm drains along the Jersey Shore.

Moviegoers rave over the reopening of Mayfaire movie theater

The Regal Mayfaire & IMAX is back open.