Raleigh requires face masks in public, Gov. Cooper considers statewide requirement

health masks
Face mask (Photo: WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — On Tuesday, Raleigh City Council unanimously voted to require face masks in public, becoming yet another area in the state making masks mandatory.

On Monday, Governor Roy Cooper said he is weighing that option statewide. Other places around North Carolina like Durham County also require face masks in public and private spaces where social distancing isn’t possible.

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Face masks are recommended in public, but not required right now in the Cape Fear, and people have varying opinions about the idea of requiring masks.

“If it was required to wear it, I would definitely wear a mask,” resident Corielle Jennings said. “I’d be fine with it. If it’s for the greater good of the people, I’m going to wear a mask so nobody else gets sick.

Since masks are a recommendation right now, some people say they’ve been choosing not to wear one, but would do so if it became mandatory. Other people say they they’re all for the idea of requiring masks.

“I think it would show everybody’s on board with trying to curb this virus,” resident Jerry Wells said. “Everybody needs to make an effort.”

Other people think the choice should be left up to each individual person to decide for themselves.

“I’m neither here nor there with it,” resident Shannon Pitts said. “I’ll personally wear one in more crowded situations. It should be people’s personal choice, but I would obviously abide by it.”

Some residents say the decision to require masks or not should depend on the status of coronavirus and the number of cases in that area.

“Once the coronavirus is in control, I’d be against it totally,” one resident said. “But as long as we have the problem of not having a vaccine, definitely. Especially for older people like me.”

On the other hand, people also point out, it could take a long time to develop a vaccine.

“So we can’t restrict ourselves to the point where we’re not even free people any longer,” another resident said.

A New Hanover County Commissioner says there hasn’t been an official discussion about requiring masks, but say it could come up in the future.