‘Devastating, horrific’: Isaias leaves behind major damage at Southport Marina


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Isaias packed a punch in Brunswick County, where it made landfall Monday night.

In Southport, from power outages, to debris on the streets, to major damage at the marina, residents were shocked when they walked outside Tuesday morning.

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Southport Marina is closed off until further notice. Boats, docks and other pieces of equipment in the water are now sitting in piles, and some pieces of the docks were even blown onshore.

“I sure didn’t expect to come up and see this,” Tony Nobles, who has a boat docked at the marina, said.

Nobles drove down from Fayetteville to check on his boat when a friend sent him photos Tuesday morning. He couldn’t believe what he saw, saying his boat was tipped over in a domino effect.

“As we were driving down, I’m like, ‘I don’t know what we’re going to see,'” Nobles said. “It just blows me away that a hurricane at a Cat 1 does this to the marina.”

David Crumpler, who lives Southport and also has a boat docked at the marina, says he doesn’t even know how they’re going to move the boats out of the water, or how long it will take.

“Totally unexpected,” Crumpler said. “Caught everybody off guard.”

Drone footage from a viewer shows dozens of boats at the marina toppled over and some even piled up on top of each other. It also shows the docks broken into pieces and floating in the water or blown onshore.

​”We’ve even spent the night with other storms that have brushed by us, and it’s just windy,” Nobles said. “Nothing like this. So that right there tells us we’re not staying on the boat anymore in any hurricane.”

Crumpler says the dock was folded, and his boat was pushed into the marsh.

“It’s just total devastation,” he said. “There are probably 90% of the boats that have substantial damage. It’s going to take a long time. And some of it, I have no idea how they’re going to get these boats out of here because they’re stacked on top of each other.”

The manager of the marina says they’ve been in clean-up mode since the early morning hours Tuesday, calling the scene horrific and painful to see.

Other parts of Southport took quite a hit as well. Dozens of bricks from a building downtown on Moore Street were toppled onto the sidewalk. Provision Company and several restaurants down by the water were also pummeled with water from the storm surge.

“I’m just praying for every body who has a boat in this marina, plus everyone in the whole town for that matter, because there are a lot of places that got destroyed,” Crumpler said. “Nothing like this. No. Not in a million years. This is the worst that anyone could’ve predicted.”

The manager of Southport Marina says they suffered damage to the in-water boats, docks and dry storage racks, but none of the indoor boats.

If you have a boat at the marina, he says they’ll be reaching out to boat owners, but says the marina will most likely be closed for a few weeks for clean up.