Surfers ride novelty wave made by ferry in the Cape Fear River


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — A New Jersey surfer known for highlighting the best and most unique waves around the country has found a special spot here in southeastern North Carolina.

Ben Gravy traveled hundreds of miles to check out a wave produced by the Southport/Fort Fisher ferry in the Cape Fear River.

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Teaming up with Ollie Raja Fishing Charters, Gravy and friends waited for the ferry filled with passengers to float by, timing it just right to catch a wave.

The ferry had to be going fast enough to make a large wake in order for it to be a rideable. While there were a couple flops, the group of surfers were able to ride the novelty wave a few times.

“That thing was nuts, so glassy,” Gravy said in the video.

Watch the complete video here.