Extensive beach dune project underway in Oak Island


OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Major changes are happening in Oak Island as the town continues the recovery process from Hurricane Isaias.

Oak Island town manager David Kelly says the changes are vital to the town’s protection.

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“This is all because of the last storm,” Kelly said. “Basically, it flattened our dunes. What we’re doing is going back and putting in an emergency dune to protect the houses and the infrastructure of the town.”

The task of replacing the dunes lost during Isaias began on Friday afternoon and is expected to run for the next 90 days. But the current project isn’t a permanent fix. It’s only meant to last through the remainder of hurricane season.

“After November 15, after turtle season ends, we’ll start a sifting and sand placement project,” Kelly said. “We hope to have that finished in January. Then starting in January will be the big project we have that’ll go from southeast 64th to 10th place east.”

Completely replacing the sand lost during the hurricane is going to take time. But Oak Island also has a plan in place for the mounds of sand that currently sit around town.

“The sifting project will go right on top of what we’re pushing. The main projects will hopefully go right in front of that starting in January.”