Patriots, God, and Country Tour stops in Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Saturday, Wilmington’s American Legion hosted the Patriots, God and Country Tour, featuring fire trucks, motorcycles, and cars decked out in patriotic colors and symbols.

Locals came out to celebrate the tour, which already has covered 5,000 miles and 28 cities in five weeks.

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Dave Graybill, the tour’s leader, says the event celebrates veterans and first responders, giving thanks for traditional American values like freedom of religion, the second amendment, and the Constitution.

“If you go on the internet, if you watch the news, very seldom are we talking about how awesome everything is,”Graybill says. “And so, I want to talk about how awesome everything is, not about the few things that are bad. I want to talk about all the awesome things this great country provides all of us.”

They’ll visit Middlesex in Nash County later today, and then make three stops in Virginia and New Jersey before ending November 3, election day, in Washington D.C.