Mask mandate to expire at the end of July


BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) — North Carolina is seeing an uptick in COVID cases with a positive test rate of 7.0 percent Wednesday.

Governor Roy Cooper addressed the state, saying more than 13,000 North Carolinians are dead from COVID-19.

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The current mask mandate requires face coverings at health facilities and on public transportation, and will expire at the end of the month. Cooper said there will no longer be a mask mandate once that ends. He urged residents to be smart, follow public health guidance, and get vaccinated.

He’s also urging mask requirements in Kindergarten through eighth grade schools, along with the unvaccinated in high schools.

“The vast majority of cases and hospitalizations are among those who have not been vaccinated,” said Cooper. “It’s clear the these vaccines work and they’re our best bet to fight Covid-19 and the variants.”

Dr. Mandy Cohen said the goal is to keep students in-person this school year.

Going forward, if a vaccinated child or masked unvaccinated child is exposed to someone with COVID, they will not have to quarantine.