Sunset Beach council members disagree on process of filling open seat

SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY) — There were a number of topics on Monday night’s Sunset Beach Council agenda as this year’s council wrapped up its final business.

One topic had some council members impassioned. There are concerns whether council member Mike Williams should be appointed to fill the vacant seat of Terry Johnson who has resigned.

Williams along with Wilson Sherrill were voted off council this past election cycle.

Lou DeVita, council member, said it makes sense to allow a council member who wasn’t reelected to take the position in this situation.

“I still believe that since its still election year you should use the non-winner of the election,” said DeVita.

Councilwomen Carol Scott said it’s not fair to the others who ran and it’s not fair to those who voted.

“The unfortunate thing is that there are two incumbents, who were clearly not selected, and to put one of them back in that situation, would not serve,” said Scott.

Scott was interrupted by Mike Williams so she could not finish her thought.

William told Scott that this matter was about procedure and it shouldn’t involve him.

“I have an objection here Ron (Mayor Ron Watts), we are talking about procedure.  Leave my name out of this,” said Williams.

The council decided to continue to collect applications from people who would like to serve on council. Watts said Williams is able to apply for the position on council. Watts said council members still have figure out the right procedure going forward and they can present their ideas forward at the next meeting in January. He said they hope to have a new council member by February.

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