Bridge named after late NC State Trooper

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Today family and friends of Clarence “Lucky” Swartz got a chance to honor the former Highway Patrol Trooper in a unique way.

“He truly did live and breathe Highway Patrol,” said Swartz’s niece Rhonda Little.

The former Highway Patrol Trooper was known for his dedication to patrolling Oleander Drive for 25 years. Now the Department of Transportation has named the Bradley Creek Bridge after Swartz, thanks to the efforts of trooper Bryan Phillips.

“He took pride in his career, he took pride in his job knowing that no teenage fatality happened while he was on duty,” Phillips said.

Some of those teens from then remembered Swartz today, for watching over them.

“Trooper Swartz probably died a little bit every night, chasing us idiots up and down the road,” said Wilmington City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark.

Phillips said Swartz, who died in 2012, is one of few law enforcement officers to be commemorated who lived their life fully.

“He didn’t die in the line of duty, but what he did is he gave his life to his community, he gave his life to the citizens of North Carolina, and to the state of North Carolina.”

A life that his family said will now be remembered around the city.

“His legacy will go on as a person who made a difference, a real striking difference, to the safety of New Hanover County and all of us really,” Little said.

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