Viewer wins $500 gift card in Local Market Sweepstakes

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For the past month, WWAY has been giving out prizes in daily contests in the Local Market Sweepstakes. Every day, we’d ask a question or have a secret word and it’s been winner’s galore. But there was one overall winner.

Ronda Strickland is the lucky winner of our Local Market Sweepstakes. She entered in for one question and won in our drawing for a $500 gift card to Lowes Foods. She says it was sheer luck she won the contest and still can’t believe she got the call telling her she was a winner.

“I was surprised. I only answered one question and it just- when I got the phone call that I won, I was just kind of like in shock. Not really sure. Until he called me back the second and then I knew it for sure that I had won,” Strickland said.

Ronda is already set to use her gift card to buy some groceries on her list. But she still needs to get all of her coupons together first.

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