7th District GOP Congressional candidates square off in debate

SUPPLY, NC (WWAY) — Republican candidates running for the NC 7th District Congressional seat squared off Tuesday evening in Supply.

From healthcare to immigration to term limits, GOP congressional candidates Randy Crow, Ilario Pantano and David Rouzer voiced their views.

The two-hour debate in Brunswick County covered various national and state topics, each candidate given 60 seconds to respond to questions.

Pantano, who ran against Congressman Mike McIntyre in 2010, had a lot to say about the exit strategy in Afghanistan, having previously served as a Marine.

“The reality is that after ten years in Afghanistan we are as close to accomplishing our mission there as we can realistically claim to be and it is time to begin the process, with respect and strategic considerations to bring our forces home,” Pantano said.

Immigration was another hot topic. Randy Crow, who grew up in Texas, had a strong opinion about reform.

“If you’ve got the people at the top that are giving them the social security numbers, giving them the jobs and letting them in here, it doesn’t make any difference, they’re going to get here,” Crow said.

Energy production in North Carolina was something candidate state Sen. David Rouzer says could dramatically spurr job growth.

“Energy production would help us significantly, not only help jobs, but help create the revenue that we need at the state level in order to take care of our teachers, in order to provide the tax breaks that we need for business in this state,” Rouzer said.

The Brunswick County Republican Women sponsored the debate. Other GOP candidates and representatives from Brunswick County were at the event to answer questions and meet the public.

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