911 calls surrounding Senator Soles tell a familiar story

There are numerous 911 call records involving the home and office of Senator RC Soles. Many of the stories we saw and heard on these reports and tapes are similar to ones we’ve heard before. An assault accusation sticks out among two dozen 911 calls involving Senator Soles. The date and story correspond to a police report involving Stacey Scott and his mother Peggy. A year ago, Stacey told us he had been sexually assaulted by the Senator, then later recanted those statements to another news organization. According to the police report, Stacey Scott says the Senator pushed him to the ground, kicked him, and took a cell phone from his pocket. The 911 call tells a similar story. Caller: When he drove through the gate, I ran up through there and he went in his door and he came out mace-ing me and knocked me down his stairs…and I’ve got blood marks, my neck is bleeding where he assaulted me. 911 Operator: Who assaulted you? Caller: Senator Soles, I’ve got blood marks where he done it, and he took my mother’s phone out of my pocket because it was ringing and he wanted to know who it was calling. He is at his house at 118 Canal Street in Tabor City. Police urged Stacey and Peggy Scott to request a warrant after the event, but Tabor City Police Chief Donald Dowless says the Scotts didn’t do it, and as a result, the Senator wasn’t questioned. The curious behavior and events extend to the Senator’s law office. Some of the Senator’s young male clients have told us they often met Soles, or one of his employees, at the law firm to receive money. 911 calls and eyewitness accounts confirm those stories. 911 operator: Columbus County 911, what is your emergency? Caller: um, yeah, I just wanted to report that over, I’m in tabor city, and over at R.C. Soles’ law firm, there’s some guys messing with him and screaming and cussing at him. I didn’t know if maybe somebody could go and check it out. A witness described what they have viewed. “I’ve seen R.C. start to pull out and him just be so mad at some of them, but then he’d hand them money… I have seen him outside with sticks, and him telling them that he was going to work on them if he ever got a hold of them.” Despite the often tumultuous relationships and dozens of calls to police, the Senator declined to press charges for trespassing time and time again. Soles also continues to represent many of the young men involved. Two of the most outstanding examples of those who have received money from the Senator that we’ve documented include $8,000 given to client BJ Wright while he was in jail, and an estimated $100,000 given to Allen Strickland for a new house and car. Senator Soles has told us he would rather give his money to those he considers deserving while he is alive, than leave it in a will.

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