A big check for Riegelwood Fire and Rescue

RIEGELWOOD — Nearly two years ago the community of Riegelwood was ravaged by a deadly tornado that left eight people dead and many more hurting. Emergency personnel found themselves overwhelmed and under-equipped. That’s until the Community Foundation of South Eastern North Carolina awarded $42,000 to the Acme-Delco Riegelwood fire station.

The money will go towards the purchase of an emergency mobile trauma unit. The unit is equipped with stretchers, a four wheeler and first-aid kits that are color coded to match the degree of a persons injury. Fire Chief Steve Camlin is thankful for the new unit.

“This could have made a world of difference, so we are glad to see it and humbled by the community foundation for thinking of us, so we are very happy about this, very excited,” Camlin said.

The unit has the equipment and supplies to treat 25 adults and five pediatric patients.

Over $90,000 was raised by individuals, businesses and organizations. A portion of that amount was presented to the fire chief. The rest will go towards helping the community get on its feet.

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