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As with any company, it really comes down to the people. The people you deal with are the face of the company. The founders, at the core, are the people who drive the principles, the integrity and the trust you place in them when doing business with that company.

At Abba First Mortgage, those people are Richard and Maureen Biagini, or Richie and Mo as their friends call them. Richard and Maureen love life and the business they are in together. By all accounts, they are both lucky to be alive in the first place! Richard was actually pronounced dead after a car accident, only to be “reinstated” as among the living, following a bedside prayer by a policeman, and Maureen was unlucky enough to have a painful encounter with a Portugese Man O’ War jellyfish while on vacation, an experience that claims about forty lives a year.

Suffice to say, this couple has something to smile about and be grateful for every day, and it shows. Richard and Maureen have 22 and 20 years in the industry respectively, and in 2005 decided to open their own business, Abba First Mortgage. 

Richard Biagini and the teams he has managed have written over 5 Billion dollars worth of loans during his career … that’s billion with a “B” … more than the GDP of most third world countries. Maureen herself has processed over 3,000 loan applications. What that means for Abba First Mortgage customers, is that experience counts. At Abba First Mortgage, they will strive to get you the best possible rate, the highest possible acceptance level, and the best customer service in the industry.

When asked why people in the Cape Fear like doing business with Richard and Maureen, they are quick to point out that their lives and business is governed by a higher authority. “Our faith dictates that we treat people with fairness and respect,” says Richard. “We treat others the way we would want to be treated. It is more than a golden rule … It is a way of life and a biblical principle.”

Maureen Biagini agrees with her husband. “We strive to be kind and caring, we listen carefully to our clients needs, and always look out for their best interest. We give honest advice, and with our years of experience, have become experts at what we do. We’re also always available to our clients, no 9-5 for us, we do what it takes to serve our Wilmington area customers well.”

At Abba First Mortgage, we have developed strong business relationships with leading investors across the country to bring the most competitive pricing to you, our client, and it would be our pleasure to earn your trust by developing a lifelong relationship with you, your family and friends. From Carolina Beach, to Whiteville, Calabash, to Jacksonville, if you need an honest, competitive mortgage company here in southeastern North Carolina, Call Abba First Mortgage today. 866-676-3349

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